Could You Please Tell Me Some Home Remedies for Mononucleosis?

There is no specific medical treatment for mononucleosis, actually antibiotics do not really help in getting rid of a virus. So, how to take care of ourselves when we at home? There are some simple and natural home remedies for mononucleosis:

  • Get enough sleep.
    Get amount of sleep and take enough rest can help you relax. This will allow your body to recover at a faster pace. Unfortunately, because of work or school, some people cannot take a couple of weeks to resolve completely. But rest is one of the most important factors to treating mononucleosis.


  • Keep your throat healthy.
    A strep throat can easily lead to mononucleosis, which is why it should be treated as soon as possible. So always keep your throat moist to reduce the stress of your throat. For example, you can suck some ice.


  • Drink water.
    Drink a lot of water during the day, to flush the rubbish from your body and strengthen the immune system. And as we all know that hot water can help us alleviate fever and sore throat.


  • No smoking.
    If you like smoking, you should quit it for a few weeks at least. Smoking can aggravate the symptoms of mononucleosis, so it should be strictly avoided.

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