Dementia Prevention Workout— Day 3 ( 18th, June )

Level    :  Beginner
Round :  3


Hello!Our brilliant players, are you ready? Just a reminder, make sure your partner stand on the other side of this game card and let’s do it!


Part I: What Is It?

  • Find the duplicated number:  In this game, you will read a set of numbers with just one number duplicated at normal speed. And your partner is to tell which number is duplicated only in 3 sec.

    2487293            2
    1486783            8

    128769351       1
    345267689       6

    2487693521     2
    1726845439     4  




Part II: Can You Read Me?

Compete with your partner to see who can finish reading the following twisters most accurately within 10 sec.

Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better.



Part III: Are You an Actor?

  • Clap or Spin: find a partner first. Then, you will hear different nouns every 2 seconds, if the word you heard is a kind of vehicle, clap! If not, stomp!

Apple, sun, desk, watermelon, plane,
mountain, car, orange, banana, chair,
train, pear, watch, lamp, ferry, peach..



Part IV: I Am Not Old!

  • Repetition

In this part, your partner will speak a sentence from short to long ones by adding various adjectives and adverbials. Your task is to repeat the sentence you heard accurately and quickly. Let’s see who can repeat the longest sentence!

See that hungry girl.

Please see those 3 hungry, tired, girls.

Please see those 13 hungry, tired, sleepy girls carefully.

Please see those 33 hungry, tired, sleepy little girls carefully in the stage.

Please see those 133 hungry, tired, sleepy little match girls carefully in the stage and find the sick one.



Hope you have a nice and interesting game experience and see your guys tomorrow! 

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