Dementia Prevention Workout

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Dementia Prevention Workout! Here, we prepare 5 min workout for you everyday. Trust me, you’ll love it!

According to research, keeping one’s mind active by reading, playing word games, memory training and being socially engaged is effective in delaying the onset of dementia and decreasing its effects. That’s why we design this workout. Our 5min daily game is committed to preventing elder people from developing dementia.

We have four types of games here for you guys. Wanna start with which round? Check it out and invite your neighbours and friends to play together ! Are you ready? 

?Round 1 : Catch the Number!



?Round 2 : Beat the Twister!



?Round 3 : Clap or Stomp!



?Round 4 : Pick the Card!



Or click any one of the below releases and start the challenge.

Dementia Prevention Workout— Day 25 ( 10th, July )

Dementia Prevention Workout — Day 10 (25th, June)

Dementia Prevention Workout — Day 11 (26th, June)

Dementia Prevention Workout— Day 16 (1st, July)

Dementia Prevention Workout— Day 18 (3rd, July)

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