Foods to Eat for Polycystic Liver Disease Patients

What are the foods to eat for polycystic liver disease patients?

If you are patient of a certain type of disease, it will be wise for you to watch your diet. In the case of polycystic liver disease this is also true. Here are some foods to eat that may help you control your conditions:

Choices to try:

Neutral Protein and low salt.
Drink Plenty of water.
Freshly squeezed lemon juice added to a cup of warm water in the morning.
Chamomile or saffron tea in the evening.

Choices to avoid:

Caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate, hormones, soy, estrogen, flaxseed, fish oil, cod liver oil, dry cleaned chemicals, bleach, ammonia, growth hormones, yeast, alcohol, concentrated sugars, chemicals. Also, avoid foods that contain a large amount of herbicide and pesticide as well.

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