Difference Between Essential Hypertension and Secondary Hypertension

Q: I am 49 and diagnosed hypertension. So, what is the difference between essential high blood pressure and secondary high blood pressure?

A: Hypertension refers that in the quiet state, systolic pressure reached over 140mmHg and diastolic pressure reached over 90mmHg, often accompanied by high cholesterol and glucose metabolism disorders, as well as heart, brain, kidney and retina and other organs functional or organic changes. If the reason is unknown, consider essential hypertension. This may be related to your unhealthy eating habits. High salt or high fat intake contributed to that. If you have essential high blood pressure, you should keep taking medication and eat a healthy diet. More importantly, you have to prevent complications.If you have secondary hypertension, which can be considered as the consequence of organ disease, you should treat the original disease actively.


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