Do You Know Any Symptoms of Diabetic Hypoglycemia?

Do you know any symptoms of diabetic hypoglycemia?

Diabetic hypoglycemia can be mild, and easily recognized by the patient. In such a case with mild hypoglycemia, it can be reversed with a small amount of carbohydrates eaten or drunk.

But, diabetic hypoglycemia may be severe enough to cause unconsciousness, thus requiring intravenous dextrose or an injection of glucagon. Severe hypoglycemic unconsciousness is one form of diabetic coma.

When diabetic hypoglycemia occurs, its symptoms are often presented in the forms of neuroglycopenic, adrenergic, and abdominal. The symptoms and effects can be mild, moderate and severe, depending on how low the glucose falls and a variety of other factors, like time and different individuals. It is rare but possible for diabetic hypoglycemia to result in brain damage or death.

So take your symptoms seriously, identify and correct the factors contributing to hypoglycemia, such as medications you take or irregular mealtimes, thus can prevent serious complications.

Obtain more details from doctors if possible.

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