Do You Know How to Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally?

Do you know how to dissolve kidney stones naturally?

Some home remedies can help to dissolve small kidney stones. There are medical remedies and home remedies for kidney stones, both are effective to dissolve them. And what kind of remedies you use depends on the size of the stone you have.

Some methods help to dissolve kidney stones naturally:

  • Using goldenrod: effective in reducing the size of kidney stones.
  • Using lemon juice: effective in reducing pain and reducing the size of kidney stones.
  • Using cranberry: effective in preventing and dissolving kidney stones.
  • Using pomegranate juice: effective in reducing acidic concentration in urine and reducing the pain of kidney stones.
  • Using coconut water: effective in increasing the flow of urine.

It should be noticed that if your kidney stones are large, you should consult your doctor for surgery or other treatments.

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