Does Alcohol Fuel the Growth of Breast Cancer?

Q: I’m so addicted to alcohol. Must I give up drinking?

A: In a report from the World Cancer Research Fund, it is reinforced that a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer can go up by drinking alcohol. Although most women will not drink a large amount of alcohol on a regular basis, alcohol does lead to 7 different cancers, including breast cancer. Even a small amount of alcoholic beverages every week, for example, three to four drinks, can increase the risk of the recurence of breast cancer in those who was once diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

First, Alcohol can be broken down into acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical, which can not only damage the DNA inside our cells, but also stop the damage from being repairing. It may be favorable for breast cancer cells to grow and multiply. Secondly, certain hormones can be increased by alcohol. One of these hormones is called oestrogen. With a large amount of oestrogen, the growth breast cancer will be fueled.

Therefore, if you really love alcoholic beverages, have no more than two alcoholic drinks per week or choose non-alcoholic beverages.



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