Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Diabetes Management?


I have read in some diabetic magazine that the apple cider vinegar is likely to prevent unwanted blood glucose spikes. Is it real? Can the apple cider vinegar be beneficial to glucose?


In general, there is no certain evidence saying that apple cider vinegar is good for diabetes control. Apple cider vinegar, can be added into diabetes diet as a try with proper dilution since it is considered safe. And maybe acv really works for you, resulting in a lower and better glucose management.
However, for those who have both diabetes and kidney problems or ulcers, apple cider vinegar is not recommended. Besides, if you take insulin or water pills (like Lasix), stay away from large amounts of apple cider vinegar.
No matter apple cider vinegar or apple cider, is not the best medicine for diabetes. The best “ medicine” lies in a balanced diet, a regular exercise and a steady medication.


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