Does Cholesterol Really Have Influence on Heart Disease?

Q: My doctor said that I was high in cholesterol. Will I have heart disease because of high cholesterol?

A: For a long time, we have been told by some doctors and nutritionists that saturated fat will make us fat. To stay healthy, our diet must be less oily and less salty, because oily food is rich in saturated fat and cholesterol will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, cholesterol rising the risk of heart disease is actually a rumor. Saturated fat is totally irrelevant with cardiovascular disease.

A study on saturated fat in heart disease was conducted in 22 countries. It found that increasing the intake of saturated fat helped to reduce the number of heart-disease deaths and heart-related deaths.

People in Norway and Netherlands eat plenty of animal fat. Accordingly, their incidence of heart disease is very low. French people eat a lot of cream and animal liver and France is the country that consumes the most saturated fat. The incidence of heart disease in this country is less than 10%. Most Frenchmen are slim and the obesity rate is pretty low.

Among groups of old people, the lower the average cholesterol level is, the higher the mortality rate is. The logic is so obvious. Cholesterol really plays an essential role in our lifespan. In many other researches and studies, the results are the same. Cholesterol does not clog the arteries, nor does it cause heart disease.

For more information about this question, you can search a video uploaded by Dr. David Diamond on YouTube. He is a professional in this field and has spent about ten years studying various documents to figure out this question.


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