Does Ice Water Cause Cancer or Heart Disease?

Q: I like ice water. But recently people in the street carry thermos and drink warm water. My friend told me that drinking ice water causes heart disease and cancer, is it true? Do I need to change my drinking habit?

A:Don’t worry, your friend was joking. Drinking ice water doesn’t cause cancer or heart disease.

Drinking ice water will not cause any heart disease. The reason why ice water is sometimes associated with heart disease is that it is more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, such as coronary heart disease and aortic dissection, when the weather is cold. A heart attack must be a patient with genetic factors or high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, atherosclerosis and other basic diseases, cold weather is only a stimulus, predisposing factors, rather than the cause of heart disease, drinking ice water will not cause heart disease.

The second is the digestive tract, drinking ice water on the gastrointestinal tract stimulation, easy to cause stomach cramps or indigestion, a friend with a history of stomach disease is best to avoid this cold stimulation, but ice water will never lead to cancer. And exactly the opposite is, drink boiled water and very hot water will lead to esophageal cancer, high temperature will damage the esophageal endothelial cells, in the process of repeated repair and regeneration of cells prone to canceration. Therefore, the incidence of esophageal cancer in China is high, because people love to eat very hot food and water. American people like drinking cold water, esophageal cancer risk is very low. The conclusion is that drinking ice water does not cause heart disease, nor does it cause cancer, but it is the possibility of boiling water and hot soup causing cancer.


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