Does Laser Mole Removal Really Work?

Dose laser mole removal really work?

Experts hold that laser mole removal is the most effective, painless and safe procedure.
Laser mole removal has following advantages:

  • Laser can sterilize the treated area.
  • The procedure is bloodless.
  • Minimum injury to healthy tissues.
  • Fast rehabilitation.
  • Low possibility of scar.
  • High aesthetic effect.
  • It does not need special aftercare.

Laser mole removal is best for moles that are flat and brown or black. However, it shall not be used on very large moles or moles that protrude above the skin.

If you want to remove your moles, you had better ask for you doctor’s advice. Your doctor will examine your moles and help you judge whether the removal of your moles will do harm. Your doctor will also help you find a removal way that is most suitable for you.

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