ACTIQ: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Breakthrough Pain “4 major back surgeries. ALL failed to relieve severe chronic pain. DOZENS OF OUTPATIENT procedures, nothing worked. Finally diagnoses Severely Permanent Damage to Nerves & Discs (3 removed, 2 destroyed) in Sacroliliac & upward area containing Nerve & Disc Damage that cannot be resolved with Surgery, “Failed back surgery & Severe Chronic pain syndrome.” High natural resistance to opiates since a child, made worse by tolerance to opiates at a faster than normal rate. During the 20 + years of severe chronic pain, the intro. of Aqtiq was pivotal. Best things, 1.U control relief level (save rest of sucker 4 later) 2. SPEED! Very fast relief from BREAKTHROUGH, debilitating pain…”

DPain (taken for 2 to 5 years) April 23, 2017

For Breakthrough Pain “Used several years ago. I was prescribed the fentanyl patch for 72 hrs (3) days. Actiq was prescribed for breakthrough pain. What a God-send! Finally research supported that people have differing degrees of metabolism and my patch was changed to every 48 hours. Still. fentanyl in patch for around the clock pain control WITH the Actiq Lollipop-type medication for “breakthrough” pain was a life savior. I was a mother of 3 boys with the severest form of neck, back and fibromylagia putting my pain level off the charts. This med allowed me (after taking a dose of Actiq) to 1) go grocery shopping, 2)take, pick-up and volunteer for a whole hour, 3) cook dinner and go to church and lastly, 4)participate in activities lasting 1 hr.”

Donna Pain Controlled W/Actiq& September 16, 2016

For Chronic Pain “Used after surgery because allergic to morphine. Very good results.”

Mama wing (taken for less than 1 month) November 23, 2015

For Breakthrough Pain “Mostly good but my pain would be worse at night when trying to sleep. I would take a dose and due to the 20 minute time to dissolve properly, I sometimes fell asleep with it still in my mouth which over time has done massive damage to my teeth nearby the cheeks in every quadrant of the mouth. The dental work required is in the ten thousand dollar range which I can’t hope to afford. As a mid aged man who is divorced, this causes problems with the ladies and I don’t blame them.”

Jack11186 October 23, 2014

For Breakthrough Pain “overall it has been good, I’m on oxycontin 3times a day long lasting, then actiq for breakthru, it works much better than oxycodone and I don’t get sick or lupey from it, however I do on occasion need to take 2 lozegers as my doctor refuses to up either my long lasting or the actiq, don’t understand as I am on very low doses and have been RESPONSIBLY taking pain meds for more than 7 years now. overall a very good pain med.”

ambitious (taken for 1 to 2 years) November 7, 2013

For Pain “My experience with Actiq was like a miracle. I get many, very severe migraines, especially when I am in a stressful, rushed situation. Some of these occasions are holidays, birthdays, etc. I would try to prepare ahead of time, but frequently I would get a migraine. When a bad migraine doesn’t abate after the usual rescue and pain management medicines, I would take Actiq, without it I can’t participate with my family to help with any preparations, spend any time with them, and can’t even sit down to have a meal with them. After several times of a ruined holiday or special times with family, they either forget you or resent you. Children don’t understand at all. So, the next time there’s a special event, you get nervous thinking of it.”

Achy, breaking head (taken for 2 to 5 years) June 30, 2012

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