ACTONEL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Osteoporosis “For 3 years I aim taking this medicine and the results of the bone scan showed a worsening of the situation. I have problems with my stomac, so it’s the best to look for an other solution.”

Anonymous August 31, 2016

For Osteoporosis “I started having back pains after I took Actonel pills”

Betin January 21, 2016

For Osteoporosis “I was on Actonel for five years. I did not relate the problem I was having to the drug until after I stopped taking Actonel. I developed dry eyes. They were so bad, they would wake me up every night five or six times and I would have to put eye drops in so I could go back to sleep. During the day, I would have to excuse myself from meetings, etc. to leave the room to put eye drops in my eyes. I went to several eye doctors and all they could do was say I had dry eye syndrome and wanted me to start Restasis. I had read that you have to use this forever and I was reluctant to start it. I put up with the dry eye problem for years. My doctor took me off Actonel after the five years and after a few months, my dry eye problem completely went away!! I was so surprised and appreciative! Even while I was on Actonel, I read the side effects and nothing was ever mentioned about dry eyes. That is the reason I am writing this review so that others may have some hope that this problem may be caused by Actonel and is reversible once the drug is stopped.”

annallen December 15, 2015

For Prevention of Osteoporosis “I have been taking actonel for several years and as far as I know have never had a side affect. I feel like it is helping me from all kinds of problems that most women by this age.(78) have. I have recently heard that you shouldn’t take it for years, is that true?”

sharon7 May 9, 2015

For Osteoporosis “Took this medication for 5 months. From the start I had problems tolerating the medicine. It made me nauseous. The worst side effect was the bone pain.”

Momrn13 December 7, 2014

For Osteoporosis “Knowing I am very reluctant to pill taking in general, my doctor pushed Actonel on me saying ”now don’t give it up after a few months !”I persevered for 10 months. I used to be very active, exercising everyday, talking long walks, realizing I have aged 10 years in those ten months. I did some research on the net and understood where my problems came from. Aching everywhere, stiff, tired … I stopped.”

Discouraged (taken for 6 months to 1 year) March 30, 2014

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