AFREZZA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Diabetes, Type 1 “I have used different insulins over my 26 years started with MDI, then the pump, added Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). Now the combination of pump, CGM, and afrezza I really feel like control is within reach. Only been using afrezza for a couple of weeks but the control, immediate onset, and predictability are very encouraging. Part of the learning curve I wasn’t prepared for was the quick fall off, now I split dosing between liquid and inhaled insulin. I thought closed loop was the next best thing for T1Ds that was before. Now Afrezza will be part of my regular regime, just need to get my insurance to agree!”

Q925 (taken for less than 1 month) January 19, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 1 “I have been on the pump for 21 years. For various reasons, my doctor suggested I try going on tresiba and afrezza for the summer so after discussing it I gave it a try. Afrezza works great for dropping blood sugars very fast, which was the biggest benefit. However, the last month or so I have developed asthma symptoms and am short of breath when I am active. It takes me a long time to catch my breath after moderate activity and a cough begins as well. I visited my endocrinologist again and he pulled me off afrezza immediately. I am hoping the shortness of breath goes away as I have no prior symptoms of lung problems. If it doesn’t go away shortly I will have to begin using an inhaler. Users be aware of side affects!!!!!”

Seth E. December 18, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 2 “I can’t stop coughing. Like really can’t stop coughing for the whole day I take this. I feel like my lungs are filled with powder, which my doctor says they pretty much are. Not using again. It’s also really expensive.”

Jake mcalester (taken for less than 1 month) December 8, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 2 “My A1C was 7.6 when I first started on Afrezza. Started with a Monthly 90 Units Supply of 4 Strength Cartridges, Inhaled 3X’s a Day, before each Meal! AFTER 14 + Months my A1C Dropped to 7.3…Then the New Titration Pack 180 was introduced, Containing 60 of 4, 60 of 8 & 60 of 12 units Afrezza for a 30 day Supply, 2 NOW be Inhaled BEFORE & AFTER MEALS! For ME, Adding Titration Pack in April 2017, In 6 MONTHS I Went from 7.3 to 6.1 A1C & Dropping! That’s 6.1 A1C Accomplished in just 6 Months for ME! Also NOTE: NO SIDE EFFECTS! My Doctor is Also Most Surprised by Health overall Also MOST IMPROVED! Afrezza has Added Years 2 My LIFE! This Information is 100 % UNDISPUTED! Afrezza is PRICELESS!”

Rick Herrera (taken for 1 to 2 years) October 27, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 1 “There is no medication that will work with 100% accuracy. And this one is the same, I truly hate needles and this has definitely helped me to keep my levels normal with less poking at my skin. You have no idea how hard it is to have diabetes and hate injections.”

FDiabetes October 10, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 1 “I can understand some of the confusion people have on this product. From my perspective, it is unusable as the sole source of insulin. It seems negative reviews are trying to do just that.However, if you pair its use with a pump and use exclusively for corrections and/or carb heavy meals, it is a huge improvement to the manageability of my type 1 (I imagine most type 1’s can relate to those times when you screw up a carb estimate, and it normally takes hours to normalize again. With Afrezza, it is resolved in an hour).”

Danrm (taken for 6 months to 1 year) September 5, 2017

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