ALVESCO: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Asthma, Maintenance “Got a sample from my doctor when diagnosed with asthma. Side note: I have depression and take Lexapro. Day one…felt depressed. Day two…more depressed. Day three…super depressed. Immediately stopped taking Alvesco but it took a couple of days to shake it off. In my opinion, be careful with this one if you have depression!!!”

Chef Z November 20, 2017

For Asthma “Works well but can’t afford it.”

Melalucci (taken for 2 to 5 years) November 6, 2016

For Asthma, Maintenance “My son started this at 20 months oldIt kept his asthma completely under control all winter (virus induced) He has grown over half a foot in the past 9 months so it does not stop growth. I think that other lady’s kid just hadn’t hit puberty”

Asthmamummy October 18, 2016

For Asthma, Maintenance “My son began this drug at 13 and stopped growing around the same time. His endocrinologist wanted to give him growth hormone. I took him off this crap and his levels went to normal. do not take as a kid.”

jim w (taken for 1 to 2 years) October 13, 2016

For Asthma, Maintenance “I’m 50 years old, female, live in Brazil and I’ ve been using alvesco since the asthma diagnosis, in March 2014. It’s controlled now, but I can’t stop using it. I use 160mg every morning and since I don’t stop alvesco, I’m asthma free. The only side effect I notice is my voice, a little lower than it used to be. But I want to learn to live without medication!”

Betinafabel (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 6, 2016

For Asthma “This is the best preventer I’ve taken in thirty years of suffering from asthma – I’ve had no attacks at all since starting it three months ago, and minimal side-effects. Hoarseness was always a huge problem for me with other inhaled steroids, so much so that I frequently stopped taking them, and instead relied on relievers to treat my allergic and exercise-induced asthma, until my attacks became so frequent that I had no choice but to go back onto steroid inhalers. However, Alvesco produces only minimal hoarseness, and despite being expensive (apparently. Living in Scotland, I get free prescriptions :-)) I’d recommend strongly to other sufferers who’ve had problems with steroid-induced hoarseness”

Decomm18 August 26, 2015

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