AMBIEN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Insomnia “I’ve used this med for years with no apparent problem. WRONG. As I began asking family and friends, I find I have been doing MANY dangerous activities with absolutely NO recollection. This medication is absolutely frightening. I had no idea there was even a problem. Use at risk of yourself and those around you. I now have a criminal record and am just glad no one got physically hurt.”

jmcm (taken for 5 to 10 years) March 1, 2018

For Insomnia “I have taken every sleeping medication under the stars but Ambien is all that works for me. I take it 2-4 times a week when I know I need decent sleep. I cut a 10mg pill in half usually, but sometimes I take a full 10mg so I can sleep solidly for 9 hours straight. Unfortunately, when I took Ambien every night, it stopped working for me, so now I switch it up and take melatonin when I don’t take Ambien, but that doesn’t even work for me anymore. One bottle of 30 10mg pills lasts me 4 months, and I need to keep stretching it out like this because Army medical does not like to keep giving patients Ambien, even though multiple doctors have seen that it is the only thing that helps me sleep, and obviously I am not addicted because I can go days without taking it.”

dawn19825 (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 28, 2018

For Insomnia “Only medication that allows me to get about 7 hours of deep sleep. No sleepwalking, sleep eating or dreams…. Just solid sleep. After a while it doesn’t keep me asleep the entire time so I cut back for a while. I’ve taken every benzo and besides xanax, this works the best.”

slickwilly (taken for less than 1 month) February 11, 2018

For Insomnia “Ambien is the only thing that has worked for me to sleep. The only problem is is I get withdrawals and anxiety during the day.”

Anonymous (taken for 2 to 5 years) February 8, 2018

For Insomnia “From a child I have had problems sleeping, as a teen I would be awake all night laying in bed and have to go to school next day. Well in my twenties and thirties I gave up working as couldn’t sleep well. Yeah I took sominex stuff over counter and would get a few hours of good sleep. But when I got to 40 years old I so stressed No sleep was killing me and I was so anxious and panic attacks were getting so bad I wouldn’t leave house. So I told my doc I gotta have something and he gave me Ambien and small does of Xanax. That was 13 years ago. I go in every six months for bloodwork and all is fine and Ambien gave me my life back again. I sleep only 5-6 hours on 10 mg but that works for me. But yesterday he said after he gave me six month script that he don’t’ know how longer he can give it unless I go see a psychiatrist or go for sleep study. Govt is cracking down.”

wilmaweiny February 3, 2018

For Insomnia “I’m a 77 yr-old maIe. I have been taking Ambien/zolpidem for 10 years, 10 mg at first, then 5 mg last 2 years on MD advice, then last year cut down to 2.5 mg (1/2-5mg tab) with 1/2-25mg doxylamine succ. tab. This combo has worked well but on occasion, if I awakened and could not go back to sleep I either take other half of zolp. or other 1/2 of doxy. and go back to sleep after about 15 minutes. I feel fine with 8 or 9 hrs of sleep.Recently, PCP has prescribed 100 mg. gabapentin due to concerns over long-term dangers of zolp. I am concerned that gabap. will have no useful sleep help as its use as a sleep med is off-label. I had no benefits from trazadone which is a useless drug in my opinion (retired psychologist). Lunesta, trazadone and Sonata were not helpful either.I am going to try the gabapentin, but I am not very optimistic about efficacy. I have NONE of the labelled conditions, but I’m willing to see what a couple or three weeks use will bring.”

DocCasey (taken for less than 1 month) February 2, 2018

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