AMERGE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Migraine “Consistently effective to prevent daytime onset of cluster headache if taken between 5-6AM if prodromal. Works for approximately 22 hours at 2.5 mg single dose. Cost of 1 pill is now prohibitive at more than $50. Generic naratriptan 2.5 mg as Naratrex can be purchased overseas for 53 cents!”

RPM6 February 4, 2017

For Migraine “Its a really great medicine for migraines i been having them for over a year daily have tried several different medicines sum worked but the side effects was horrible tried naratriptan the first day migraine free for 2 days and every other time migraine free for a day. great medicine ill most definitely say its worth a try for bad migraines.”

jessica mc November 16, 2016

For Migraine “I have had migraines for 16 years. Initially, I was placed on Imitrex as an abortive medication. I have used injectable, nasal and oral Imitrex. I experienced migraines up to 20 days out of a month. After a period of time I began to have shortness of breath and chest pain with Imitrex in any form. It was very painful and quite scarey. I was then prescribed Amerge and it honestly saved my life. The migraines would subside within an hour and not return for several days….I have only had to take a second dose once or twice. I have absolutely no side affects from the Amerge, although my physician thought that I would since it is still a triptan. I highly recommend Amerge!!”

Han’sGigi (taken for 10 years or more) October 18, 2016

For Migraine “I had MVA over 20 years ago leaving me w chronic migraines complete w nausea/ vomit, but I get the diarrhea issue frequently as well. They often begin w frequent urination. Amerge helps usually in first 10 minutes (only occasionally need the second dose In a day) I still usually need to relax in dark calm area but symptoms are more manageable. One problem is the dr usually only order 9/month which is not enough for a CHRONIC migrainer”

LewRon (taken for 10 years or more) September 25, 2016

For Migraine “Naratriptan has always worked for me. I tried other Triptans with no luck. Relpax made me very sick, imitrex did nothing. Amerge naratriptan takes the bad headache and throbbing eye sockets to minor level in 30 minutes. Slight muscle aches. Slightly tired but functional. Good med. Very glad I can get it for simple copayment.”

Jdotmil (taken for 10 years or more) August 26, 2016

For Migraine “I took the medicine for the first time last night 4/2/16, I was given the medication because I had an allergic reaction to Topamax. Amerge made me really sleepy, a little dizzy, draining ears and really bad heartburn. I’m not pleased with having these side effects especially not the nasty heartburn or the draining ears which are very itchy. The medication did work for me but I can’t give it a 10 star due to the side effects. I’m not so sure that I would take this on a regular basis. If I do, I’m definitely going to take Zantac prior to taking the medication.”

Fantabulous00 (taken for less than 1 month) April 3, 2016

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