ANGELIQ: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Postmenopausal Symptoms “I’m 59 and been on HRT for the past 5 years or so; originally PostOval which helped with my fibroids and heavy periods. Doc then changed me to Livifem which was fine but still awful hot flushes and stopped my periods altogether – which was great because my libido also went right up! Been on Angeliq for 3 months now. Stopped the hot flushes immediately which is fantastic, a bit of breast pain but actually have little breasts now which is amazing. However recently started spotting – it’s been more than two weeks now. It’s quite annoying to say the least.”

BeeMax (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 4, 2018

For Postmenopausal Symptoms “I was getting two hours sleep. Constantly woken with severe palpitations and sweats. Within a week of taking Angeliq, getting a full night’s sleep again and no sweats. Fantastic”

stjmusic June 2, 2017

For Postmenopausal Symptoms “53 Feeling human again ….no bleeding , breast have settled down after 3 months energy level amazing … No hot flashes what so ever … Weight gain now gone after 3 months …. Found it brilliant with my combination of vitamins ! Vitamin b . Krill oil . Vitamin c , magnesium , and several others ..also exercise is so important . Just keep your regular check ups with your doctor …..cheers and enjoy life xxxx”

Mishstyle December 27, 2016

For Postmenopausal Symptoms “I am 55 years old and went through menapause 2 years ago. I have still got my uterus and after my yearly visit to my gynae he decided to put me on Angeliq for my hot flushes. After taking them for 3 weeks and noticing absolutely no change, started a period which lasted for 9 days (haven’t had a period in 2 years). After the bleeding stopped I started with nausea and severe cramping. Phoned the gynae’s rooms and was told it’s normal and to carry on with the pills but the cramping has got progressively worse so have stopped taking them. I am petrified to try anything else!!!”

Glynie November 11, 2016

For Postmenopausal Symptoms “I am 59 years old. I had all the symptoms of menopause from dryness to night sweats , insomnia, mood swings etc.. I started taking Angeliq nad now feel like I did when I was 25. I have been on it for 12 years and have never experienced the side effects mentioned. However more recently I am experiencing a strange prickly pain in my heart.. I am hoping its not serious. Quite honestly I am actually afraid to get it checked as i am afraid the doctor might ask me to stop my angelic intake. Sincerely I will never ever be able to stop taking them. I will be miserable without them. They are my happy pills.”

Shaksie October 27, 2016

For Postmenopausal Symptoms “I went through an early menopause in my 49’s and my gyn prescribed Angeliq. The only dose it came in then was .5/1. Now 10 years later I am going through menopause a 2nd time. Lucky me. My primary care tried me on multiple medications – none of which relieved my symptoms and all but 1 made me sick. Long start short I started taking the low dose version yesterday and I’m hopeful. Think I feel better already, but that could be wishful thinking. I remember feeling like myself again after about a week. I took Angeliq for about 4 years with no side effects.”

Sunny Sierra (taken for less than 1 month) August 25, 2016

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