APLENZIN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Major Depressive Disorder “I have been on so many meds to find one that helps. My psychiatrist finally prescribed Aplenzin. IT WORKS! My insurance company doesn’t want to pay (obviously, at over $2,000/month). They insisted I switch to Welbutrin SR. I became extremly depressed with suicidal thoughts. My psychiatrist contacted the insurance company and got them to “prior approve” it so I could continue on it. I had to add Zoloft to it but I can finally live a (mostly) depression free life. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it.”

MSR69 February 21, 2015

For Depression “I’d been on Wellbutrin/Wellbutrin SR for over 15 years and it worked great until about a year ago when I started feeling I’d built up a tolerance to it. Seeing that Aplenzin was basically the same, but in hydrobromide form instead of hydrochloride, I figured it would “trick” my body into reacting to it as a new medicine without losing the benefits. With the blessing of my psych doc, I switched and it appears to have worked. I’d give 10 stars, except for the high cost.”

MDDSurvivor September 11, 2013

For Depression “Aplenzin unfortunately did not work for me. I have panic disorder which then sent me into a horrible state of depression. My psychiatrist first prescribed me Wellbutrin SR which I was taking twice a day. After about 3 months I started having moments where I was actually happy to be alive. At my next appointment, my psychiatrist asked if I would be intereseted in trying Aplenzin because it only needs to be taken once a day. I started off on 348 mg for three months. This was not working so he switched me to 522 mg. Two months later it is still not working. I spoke to my pharmacist who told me that I have been patient enough and if it is going to work it would have done so by now.”

Sandy79 March 30, 2010

For Obesity “It helped me curb my urges to eat.”

syrk February 10, 2010

For Depression “Celexa and Zoloft made me feel detached from life so I wanted to try Aplenzin. At first I thought it was the wonder drug. I felt ALIVE, full of hope and energy. I cared about my future and could get things done. I was so happy, possibly euphoric. I stood up for myself and felt in control. I thought I had found the answer. That was on the low, intro. dose (174?). Then I went up to middle, recommended dose (348?). All that good stuff disappeared. Can’t sleep, feel like I’m on the verge of panic attacks. Found myself watching the colors on TV and the colors owned me. Never had this experience before. Mood swings and deeper depression now. Want that good feeling back. Have call in to doctor about going back to lower dose.”

Not Crazy February 1, 2010

For Depression “This was not for me. I took this with Lexapro and my depression worsened and also I experienced severe mood swings. Became very angry and easy to fly off the handle. Thoughts of suicide as were more frequent. I stopped taking it after 5 weeks and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my behavior and how I felt.”

dmrcoast November 12, 2009

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