APTENSIO XR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For ADHD “Both my daughters are on aptensio my 12 year old is on 50mg and 9 year old 20 mg. My 12 year old is 4’11 , 80 pounds. She eats and eats and eats all day. She’s constantly hungry and still having problems in school! Also notice she has mood swings and gets mad more easily! I feel helps hyper part , but not fully helping focusing, she been on it over a year now! My 9 year old eats I would say normal! Helps her with focus and hyper. So I would say definitely helps her.”

Stl_84 (taken for 1 to 2 years) September 19, 2017

For ADHD “My daughter has been taking Aptensio for 3 months now. She takes 50mg once a day. She has taken just about every drug on the market. The longest lasting about 8 months. She takes the Aptensio at 7am and by 3:00 when she comes home she is a total train wreck! The come down for her is fast and has her acting worse than before medicated. She says she isn’t really finding her focus to be much better when at school. However, in the past 3 months she has put on 5 lbs. She is always hungry which is a total change from any other stimulant med she has tried. I take the same med and have put on 13lbs. in three months. We know of two other children that have gained as well and love the med. So if your child is under weight from stimulants try this one”

female 11 years old (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 19, 2017

For ADHD “I have been taking Aptensio now for 3 months. I have been diagnosed with ADHD now for about 2 1/2 years. I have taken just about every non stimulant and stimulant on the market. I am currently taking 50mg of the Aptensio once a day. I am finding myself still scattered brained and my memory is horrible. I think the pill is lasting about 6 hrs and then I have a hard come down making me a total witch! The one thing that I have noticed is that I have put 12 lbs. on in 3 months. I am constantly eating! I had my thyroid checked and it came back normal. I have spoke with other people that say they are gaining weight on the pill as well.”

Female 45 years old May 19, 2017

For ADHD “I am 37 years old and was finally diagnosed with Adult ADHD almost 2 years ago so I was put on 20 mg Adderal XR and it worked great. But I did start to notice that I would get pretty irritable on it mostly when it was wearing off. So I wanted to try a different medication to see if there was one I wasn’t so grumpy on. So I started Metadate CD and I was not irritable on that one at all 🙂 But it seemed to wear off within 4 hours and made me soo tired. So now I am on Aptensio and it has been pretty good so far I have only been on it for about a week and it really does last a long time and I am able to stay focused. I don’t feel a crash like Adderal. I would just recommend taking it early in the morning so it can wear off before you go to bed.”

Kittiebunnie (taken for less than 1 month) March 7, 2017

For ADHD “My 9 year old has been on 40mg for almost 6 months now. It worked great for the first 4 months, then its effectiveness wore off. He developed a “TIC” about a month and a half ago, and then a month ago he started getting very moody. Its just gotten worse as the time goes on. This is frustrating because we have tried a bunch of medicines and 2 have worked but it seems after 6 months the side effects hit full force.”

KatieAMos February 1, 2017

For ADHD “My son went from Vyvanse 50mg in am and 20mg in afternoon over to Aptensio 50mg once a day. So far so good and he doesn’t need to take a med in school which he likes. It seems to last into early evening if we give it at 7am.”

Edzo1977 October 1, 2016

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