ARIMIDEX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Breast Cancer “The first year of taking anastrozole, I experienced hair loss, weight gain even though I was having difficulty keeping food down. It wasn’t really nausea, it was more like a reaction. Itchy skin, foggy head, aches and pains. During the second year , i found one morning that I could barely walk, severe knee pain, sore legs, sore bones…this is still the case, but I started gradually to start a yoga routine, which helps some days, it doesn’t erase the pain, but seems to make it more manageable. It’s like a different set of side effects every few months.i will stick with it, as much as I cont want to. The surgery and radiation are two things I never want to deal with again. Good luck to all of you, keep strong!”

Hobber August 10, 2017

For Breast Cancer “I have been taking Aridimex for 4.5 years, coming up on my 5 year post treatment check up. Side effects for me have been; hot flashes, neuropathy, intense joint pain, insomnia and 30% loss of bone density. I take 2 ibuprofen daily to manage pain and power through. New clinical data indicate staying on longer may reduce risk further. I was so looking forward to getting off this drug, not sure how I feel about that.”

Gigglemom (taken for 5 to 10 years) July 19, 2017

For Breast Cancer “I took one pill. ONE. Within 12 hours I began itching from head to toe. In 24 hours I was in the emergency room with a terrible rash all over me. It was so bad and it was raised so high you could almost measure it with a ruler! I didn’t want to scratch first. I had to get two shots in my belly, was put on oral prednisone for two weeks (which then calls for a slow wean-off of the drug), a prescription topical medicine and over-the-counter medicines. The rash hung around for almost three weeks. I’m allergic to sulfa and all NSAIDS, but my doctor wasn’t sure what is in this drug to cause this reaction. He put me on tamoxifen next, which I took for 7 years but the cancer came back. I am now on letrozole with no problems except joint pain.”

voter (taken for less than 1 month) July 2, 2017

For Breast Cancer “I took the Arimidex for five years, three years in I began having serious issues in my hands. Trigger finger in both hands. Two years after stopping the medication, I am still having serious issues with my hands. The side effects are accumulative, and I decided to discontinue taking it.”

survived February 28, 2017

For Breast Cancer “I have been on Arimidex since December. I am experiencing locked up hands in the a.m. with pain; weakened grips and discomfort using the computer for my job. Also,at times low back and sciatica pain. I am considering changing medication.”

deb a (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 7, 2017

For Breast Cancer “Diagnosed in June 2016 Stage 2 grade 2 IDC Breast cancer. August 2016 lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy and 30 radiation treatments. Only been on arimidex for 2 weeks. Having severe bone pain in legs and hips. Knees are the worst. Some nausea and loss of appetite. Didn’t expect the side effects to start within the first 2 weeks of taking arimidex. Hope the longer I’m on arimidex the side effects will get better.”

Gram2000 (taken for less than 1 month) November 20, 2016

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