ARIXTRA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pulmonary Embolism “Using this med as a last resort. With all the other blood thinners I had the reaction of extrame muscle and joint pain. The med doesn’t do that, but it does make me quite fatigued. I am now using Mondofinial to relieve the fatigue and it works fairly well. Overall my life is fairly balanced, but wish there wasn’t;t quite so much fatigue”

Ananymous_SJ January 22, 2017

For Deep Vein Thrombosis “I have been on Arixtra for 4 years now and am in law school. I had tried all the other medications for DVT’s and pulmonary embolism, which I have had both and this is the only one that allows me to have a normal life.”

Ruth N. October 23, 2016

For Deep Vein Thrombosis, Prophylaxis “Better than Lovenox, only once a day and it doesn’t sting as much. Additionally I have less nausea and tiredness on it than I did with either Lovenox or Coumadin. However the nausea is still not great. I am looking forward to switching to Pradaxa and eliminating the need for shots, and hopefully, the nausea.”

ChrisRW May 18, 2011

For Deep Vein Thrombosis “I am going off this medicine as I am unable to stay awake on it.”

Anonymous June 21, 2010

For Pulmonary Embolism “This medication is easy to use and allows you to eat foods high in vitamin k.”

Anonymous July 15, 2009

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