ASTELIN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Allergic Rhinitis “Astelin has been a miracle drug for me. After months of severe post nasal drip resulting in a constant sore, irritated throat, this medication provided almost immediate relief. Flonase Zyrtec, and nasal rinses did nothing to resolve my symptoms. I’m so thankful to the nurse practitioner who prescribed this for me.”

K8tey (taken for less than 1 month) June 4, 2017

For Allergic Rhinitis “Azelastine nasal spray has finally ended the stuffy nose and coughing that I’ve been dealing with forever. Taste isn’t an issue if used correctly. It’s much easier to wake up in the mornings without the never ending drowsiness that comes with some of the other antihistamines.”

JZeman April 15, 2017

For Allergic Rhinitis “My Asthma and Allergist, prescribed this for me when continued use of Flonase was giving me nose bleeds. I took it the next day and never have again. I could not get the taste out of my mouth for half an hour no matter I ate or drank to get it to go away. I have a bad cold right now and the Flonase isn’t doing very well, I’m considering trying the Astelin again but I don’t know if the taste is worth it.”

DoornK (taken for less than 1 month) January 5, 2016

For Allergic Rhinitis “I woke up, for several months, with bizarre facial pressure; my sinus membranes “in” my eyes, my maxillaries, etc… felt inflamed and throbbed, subsiding only with the next night’s sleep…. I don’t think that I had bonafide, bacterial-based sinusitis, since flare ups tended to abate within twenty four hours and seemed to follow strenuous physical exertion (e.g., running) and menstrual cycally driven hormonal fluctuations. I found minimal relief, for these episodes, through saline rinses (which seem to work well for standard congestion) and had already been prescribed other nasal sprays, including fluticasone. 90% reduction in monthly symptom days. 2 bad days per month, max. I’ve never written a product review.”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 7, 2015

For Allergic Rhinitis “I’ve suffered for years with allergies both seasonal/environmental and chemical. I carried Benadryl and hydrocortisone in my purse for years. I recently had issues with my ight hear with vibration and popping as well as hearing my inhalation through my nose in my ear. I also had awful post nasal drip year round for as long as I could remember. I went to an ENT doc and he prescribed me Astelin. I take one spray in each nostril in the morning and again at bedtime. I’ve been on it for about a month now and I have never felt better. The hives have decreased, my swollen hands have gone down and my ear is like new! I highly recommend this antihistamine nasal spray. Inquire with your doctor about it!”

Anonymous May 13, 2014

For Allergic Rhinitis “I have had Restless Legs since I was a teenager. All antihistamines aggravate this condition. Not Astelin, This is a dream come true to take care of my non-allergenic rhinitis, while not exacerbating my Restless Legs.Thank you so much.”

billieglozer March 15, 2012

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