ATACAND: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For High Blood Pressure “The only medication that controls my blood press all the time, even when in a stressful situation. Still have to take a diuretic. No hot flashes or ear draining.”

Janjann (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 28, 2017

For High Blood Pressure “Chronic sinus and ear drainage”

cazzie123 September 3, 2014

For High Blood Pressure “Did not help blood pressure at all. Made pulse go high-106 at one point. Went back to Cozaar.”

Anonymous September 29, 2011

For High Blood Pressure “This medicine caused me to have hot flashes, after taking it for a week.”

donlwashington June 3, 2010

For High Blood Pressure “So far so good at 8mg of Atacand.”

veronica#1 August 29, 2009

For High Blood Pressure “Started Atacand HCT with BP ~ 180/90 & bad headache. Five hours later with BP unchanged, took 2 aspirin for headache after verifying compatibility with manufacturer. Two hours later BP 132/77. Fifteen hours after first dose, took second dose of Atacand HCT with BP 166/93. BP remained at ~ 160/90 for next 14 hours. After two doses, six aspirin, and 36 hours, BP dropped to ~ 135/78 and stayed. After a month, a high BP reading was 141/76 and a low 105/66. Noted: lim BP increase with exertion.”

kuchleran February 6, 2008

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