FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: AXIRON

User Comments:

For Hypogonadism, Male “I tried the shots , my wife grew weary of giving me the injections in my butt cheeks and my body didn’t absorb them very well not to mention sometimes you get a dull batch of needles OUCH!! I tried the rub on gel packs they are weak and didn’t work as advertised. AXIRON WORKS I noticed the effects almost immediately, I feel better, My mental state improved , my erections improved, my sex drive increased, I did experience some irritation under my pits but the symptom gradually got better and it wasn’t annoying enough to make me stop using a product… The only product that WORKS! If you have low T give this medicine a try. It is expensive but worth it. I am going to try and find a coupon from the manufacturer to offset the price.”

LeeCjr. June 29, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male “I started using Axiron 5 years ago. I didn’t feel like myself. (I’m SUPER intense by nature). I saw my Dr and he gave me sample of Axiron. The affect was immediate. My energy levels skyrocketed and so did the hardness of my penis. My wife only complains now because I’m “like a 16 year old boy”. BTW..I’m 45. Axiron has truly changed my life for the better.”

The Whiteman (taken for 5 to 10 years) January 30, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male “I have had great results with Axiron. My levels were at 320 and now at between 800-900 . I apply 60 MG of Axiron wait five minutes and then spray on the powdered Right Guard after the Axiron dry’s. They recommend applying deodorant first but it is a lot of mess to clean up the deodorant of of the applicator.”

Frederick 252122 January 28, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male “OK guys, time-out! I never thought I’d come to the defense of a consumer product, much less one that costs such an obscene amount of money, but:1. There are a lot of guys on here complaining they had low testosterone (Low T) and giving their numbers before treatment. A large portion of them say Axiron took their numbers up into the 500 range. THIS IS WHAT THE DRUG IS SUPPOSED TO DO! If you’re roughly between 348-1000, you’re back to normal. Axiron worked. The fact that you still feel tired, or fatigued, or depressed is most likely due to other issues. I think there are too many guys on here expecting to take this drug and it turn them into the Hulk, make them happy all the time, and provide for them sex whenever they want it.”

KYBuck (taken for less than 1 month) December 3, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male “I had used testosterone injection therapy with mixed results. My doctor was concerned about possible heart attacks in an article he read, so he switched me to Axiron. I took it 4 or 5 months. I did not find Axiron hard to apply other than waiting 3 minutes between deodorant and application. Sometimes, I felt a bit warm as far as body temperature afterwards. The problem was, it didn’t work for me. Sexual function got worse and worse, and I just had a blood test where my testosterone was 105, horrendously low for mid 40’s person. So basically, my body does not absorb it.”

Brett77 (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 19, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male “I have been using Axiron for 3 months and have experienced no noticeable positive effects. Still have low libido, no morning erections, lack of penile sensitivity, weak orgasms and lethargy. Going to try injections ASAP.”

DoesNotWork June 10, 2016

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