AZELAIC ACID: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Finacea (azelaic acid) for Rosacea: “I was suffering with really bad rosacea flare up for almost a year. New dermatologist gave me Finacea foam in addition to metrogel to use twice a day. After 4 months, there was only such a small improvement and I was continuing to get pustules on my cheeks daily. I ultimately got off of the Finacea and am now in metrogel and another topical cream which works so much better for me.”

Stephie Coz February 9, 2018

Finacea (azelaic acid) for Rosacea: “My finacea gel has been a lifesaver. Before I started it I was on antibiotics for my rosacea. Those helped but not nearly as much finacea. It has made my face go from extremely red and filled with dots and bumps to smooth and almost regular skintone. I can finally go outside without makeup and not feel like an alien. Only side effect is that it makes my skin itch and burn a little after applying it. I solve this problem by using a moisturizer 5 minutes later. Oh, and one tube lasts forever!”

Steph rosace November 13, 2017

For Acne: “I had a really bad break out and my doctor prescribed and antibiotic(doxycycline), finacea gel and ziana. Finacea worked well, when I started using it was $40 with their coupon and after my insurance paid their part, then it went up to $80 a few months later, I was told the coupon was no longer available so my copay was higher then a few months later it was $160 copay and I couldn’t afford it. Talk about big pharma greed!!! Now they have a foam version (I hate it) of the finecea instead of the gel that just came out and it’s starting at $40 with my co-pay, I think I can see where this is going.”

Black Spider-Man October 11, 2017

For Acne: “I was prescribed Finacea gel 15% roughly 2 years ago for my Acne and Perioral Dermatitis. It does absolute wonders to reduce the papules and pustules associated with PD. Sometimes I’ll stop using the finacea and it only takes my skin a week to start breaking out again with horrible puss filled demons. Using the Finacea consistently keeps these spots at bay but after using for a month straight I tend to get blackheads where I’ve applied the gel. For this I use Retin-A to increase my skin’s turnover. I apply the Finacea in the morning, with the retinoid at night. This combination leads to wonderful skin. Combine this with any Avène moisturizer and you’ll be well on your way to perfection.”

Hanna77 (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 11, 2017

Finacea (azelaic acid) for Rosacea: “I’m using finacea for mild rosacea. The first week, it was mildly burning. By the 7th day, I could tell an enormous difference. My skin went from feeling rough to being very smooth. I have had friends make comments about my skin looking nice. I can tell a HUGE difference. I am very happy with the results. I’m hoping my skin will improve even more with longer use. Most of the postpustuals are gone & the red spots are a lighter pink now. My skin is smooth.”

Phx October 6, 2017

Finacea (azelaic acid) for Rosacea: “I used finacea cream for years but now had to switch to the foam. While the actual medicine is still working for me I have to say that the price of 175$ I would expect for the dispenser to work. I tried to exchange it but will not get any answer. I spend my morning on hold without ever even getting a person to talk to. The coupon line yes. But not Bayer. I just cannot endorse this product. Would love to give it 0 stars but the cream worked just no longer available. Big Pharma rip off!”

Loved the cream hate the foam June 8, 2017

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