BACLOFEN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Muscle Spasm: “Yeah the drug works. No more back spasms, and no pain at all. Side effects many this is my first time using it will not use again. Dizzy, stomach aches, sleepiness. A doctor at the VA in Atlanta, Ga recommended it to me. I am not a disabled veteran, if I was I would be able to get my teeth fixed.”

pat (taken for less than 1 month) February 28, 2018

For Alcohol Withdrawal: “I binge drank every night for 10 years. After 3 years of obsessive research into something that would help me into sobriety, and trying to convince Doctors that baclofen would work for me (I was at one point prescribed a small dose) – I had all but given up. I finally met a Psychiatrist that specializes in addiction. Without me even mentioning anything he told me he could cure me, and wrote me a prescription for Baclofen and B1 shots.Needless to say here I am a month and a half without a drink, and I feel enjoyment in things again. My anxiety is gone, my senses are back to normal, my circulation is normal, and my constant ‘fight or flight’ mechanism that I’ve had my entire life is turned off. I can hold a conversation with people without feeling the need to run away. I’m friendlier and more patient, happier and more calm. To call Baclofen a miracle drug would be an understatement.I am currently on 100mgs taken throughout the day.”

Sangias February 26, 2018

For Not Listed / Other: “I have been taking baclofen for 2 years for muscle spasms. It’s helped a lot but still get spasms from time to time. Since taken them not sure if this is a coincidence but I have gained a lot of weight, joint pain in legs, knees, feet & ankles with swelling in feet and legs. Hip joints also very have pain and weakness. I just read some side effects some are rare but still possible. I asked my doctor is it possible caused from the medication and he assured me it’s not. I am asking if anyone else have any of the side effects I’m having.”

Suffer which way! (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 23, 2018

For Muscle Spasm: “I have stiff trapped muscles that I used to take Klonipin off label to help relax them. PM doc won’t prescribe them but will write for 20 baclofen 10 mg a month. I have the worse tendonitis and neck spasms ever taking them. Can’t win.”

Trisha Haskett February 23, 2018

For Dystonia: “Was prescribed Baclofen for muscle spasms/ chronic painfrom my Charcot Marie Tooth (MD) (a hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy) .During a 2 day experience with this med I became weak in my legs and noticed spastic movement. I fell numerous times. Also had a host of side effects that were obvious to family members as well as myself. I had slurred speech, trouble getting my words out. I had uncontrollable laughing spells to the point that I had my grand children scared and crying. I was so hyper and felt very out of control. Trouble staying awake and nightmares when I slept. One of the worst side effects was uncontrollable jerking. I would jerk at times and actually threw a cup of tea onto the floor!! I had a horrible 3 days of side effects using this med. After stopping I still dealt with some effects for 2 more days. God continue to bless those that are having good results but plz bless those that are dealing with side effects. Awful!!”

Beyond spastic February 18, 2018

For Neuralgia: “I have been taking baclofen for 5 years for my sciatic pain and neuropathy, it has helped me a lot .I take it daily 3 times a day. It helps relieve my back pain better than any other relaxer and doesn’t get me dizzy or tired or affect me in any other way but helpful”

it helps me alot w pain 1×3 da February 16, 2018

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