FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: BELBUCA

User Comments:

For Chronic Pain “I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and have for six years. I was on high doses of pain pills daily. My daughter died in October of 2016 of an accidental opioid overdose and I decided I didn’t want to take pain pills anymore. I was referred to a pain clinic and offered Belbuca. I have been on the Belbuca since January of 2017. I started on the 300mg and I have worked my way up to the 900mg. At first I hated it and it didn’t help me. But as my dosages got stronger I began to notice a big difference in my pain. The Belbuca works for me now better than the pain pills did. I have a more constant level of pain control and I do not feel “high” like I did when I was taking the pain pills. I think that is one reason people don’t think Belbuca is working. You don’t feel any euphoria with Belbuca. But I am fully “here” with my family now. I am a better wife and mother to my children.”

SadandSickMomma (taken for 1 to 2 years) March 7, 2018

For Pain “Throw it in the garbage or better yet, don’t waste your money to begin with. Major upset stomach, headaches and zero pain control. Started at 75 mcg twice a day for a few days and won’t bother with it anymore. Tramadol works way better than this and Tramadol isn’t great.”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) March 4, 2018

For Chronic Pain “Inefficient. Non effective. Should be removed from the market..I’ve never taken pain meds my whole life. I’m 46 and fell an hurt my back 2 years ago. Was on lowest amount of Percocet and when neurosurgeon said he couldn’t do surgery on me because 50/50 % chance of paralization..I went to New dr. For 2nd opinion. He suggested belbuca. I wanted a better option for pain relief as opiates and the people who take them are being labeled as drug addicts and criminal to be taking any more than what I was taking..that wasn’t helping enough. Well belbuca sent me straight to the pit lowness! I screamed and cried for the Dr to help me. He increased it to 300 mg for 2 months and a half BUT I even couldn’t walk, dress, cookor bathe. Excruciating bad drug!”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) December 20, 2017

For Chronic Pain “At 45 – 2 bulging cervical disks (C2,C4), stenosis with radiculopathy into my trachea. Very strange and unbelievably painful. 4 years tons of epidurals, physical therapy, hot packs and, yes, pain meds. This one is a winner with a giant caveat.First narco, then percocet, then oxycontin, then zohydro then… back to Narco. Not fun.BELBUCA: It works… well enough. You have ZERO euphoria or any druggie feeling – you can function and be productive. The pain blocking sensation that a true opioid provides is there.My only gripe is the tiny 12hr “mouth patch” itself. This is a disaster and has caused several destroyed patches that refused to insert and stck to finger. HUGELY frustrating. Will not properly dose unless applied perfectly.”

EdInHouston (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 17, 2017

For Chronic Pain “I hate reading reviews before I take a med because it does have a placebo affect on you whether it’ll work or not. (If you’re doing this, stop! Just take the meds and see how it works for YOU.) But I was put on belbuca after misusing Vicodin from chronic pain and disc replacement surgery. Vicodin helped but dosage wasn’t enough and I abused it. But belbuca Never helped my pain. Started at 300 and had WDs so bumped to 600mg and helped WDs, but not pain. I had break through meds but Belbuca renders them useless. I ended up taking more BT meds trying to help pain on bad days but then sent red flags to my doc. He didn’t seem to get Belbuca did not work for me. Withdrawals are GOD AWFUL.”

Devv (taken for 6 months to 1 year) October 20, 2017

For Chronic Pain “I tried the 75 mcg no relief and dr refused to give break thru pain meds told me to use OTC meds alternate Tylenol and Advil every 2 hrs for the 1st month, but she finally gave me ten pain pills for 1st month. So the end month I go to 150mcg and get copay help card- well after three days of runaround they tell me the card only works for 1st month. If the pharmacy puts it in right so my script had a 79.99$ copay which I can not afford. Tried to ask why they advertise help with copay yet they don’t really offer help. So instead of paying $30. For second month I had to pay full copay so just make sure you can afford it before you start it. Oh and no the film don’t actually help as the 150s actually bunch and not melt so”

Be careful August 22, 2017

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