BEPREVE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic “This by far is the most effective antihistamine eye drop I have ever used nothing else helped my symptoms and I tried all other prescription antihistamine eye drops available. Bepreve has been a god send and I highly recommend anyone having severe eye itching to try this eye drop”

JamesG066 September 15, 2017

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic “I’ve been using Bepreve for a week now. When Dr. prescribed Bepreve, he immediately explained how to pinch the insides by nose to prevent drainage as some people complain about a foul taste. My experience: this was kind of hard to fill. No pharmacy had it in stock, and it took a while to get. But wow! When I got it I was like omg! INSTANT RELIEF. As for the taste – it states right in the instructions to pinch your eyes the way my Dr. told me to, so follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. Once in a while, I don’t pinch long/hard enough and it does get in my mouth. It’s not that bad. If you’ve ever used a nasal spray, it’s a similar taste, but not nearly as bad. Totally worth it. Can tell when I need my next dose!”

jabomb05 (taken for less than 1 month) June 15, 2017

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic “These eye drops are great for relief of allergy symptoms. Keep in the fridge for maximum relief. The only issue I have had with them is that when I stopped using them my symptoms came back worse then when I started.”

Deeginn September 3, 2016

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic “Got a bad taste in theoat about 15 minutes after putting in. Lasted about 10 minutes.,it helps to suck on hard candy to keep taste at bay. I think it’s working pretty good so far. I had a small growth on my eye from chronic dry eye (inflamation) this made it smaller dramatically.”

Bradash05 August 17, 2016

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic “I am very confused about the reviews stating the bad aftertaste, because this is an eye drop! I was given a sample by my optometrist. Previously, I was using Zaditor which worked okay, but it wasn’t great and sometimes irritated my eyes even more. Bepreve makes my eyes feel very refreshed and “clear” of whatever it is that causes my eyes to feel dry/watery/irritated. I don’t use it daily. Just when needed.”

Four Eyes November 4, 2014

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic “I was suffering from Blepharitis for about 3 years. Severe eye allergies constantly plagued me, with recurring bouts of Conjuctivitis. The only thing that helped me were expensive antibiotic drops to clear up the infections. After my 6th case of pink eye in a year I went to see an eye specialist and they recommended I try Bepreve. That was about 3 years ago. My Blepharitis is minimal, pink eye is gone, allergies are minimal and as long as I wear good UV protective sunglasses I am fine. “

barnbarn April 10, 2014

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