BEXTRA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Osteoarthritis “After suffering for over 20 years with unspecified inflammation of my hands I tried using Bextra and WOW! I only used when my hands were inflamed (and hot to the touch) at bedtime. When I woke up the next day, my hands were back to normal! I only used when I had a flair up once or twice a month. What a surprise to find I could no longer buy this wonderful drug. If I’d known it was to be pulled, I would of invested in 1000 of these pills for myself. I never had any side effects when taken only when needed. Is it still available anywhere else?”

MoonMan72 December 25, 2017

For Period Pain “My experience with the use of Bextra was great! I did not take it on a daily basis . I used it as needed for severe bloating , heavy menstrual cycles and severe pain in my stomach and back. I took one pill during that time of month. Looked as if I lost 20lbs, felt great and was pain free. The medication was given to me as a sample trial from my OBGYN Dr. Not long following my sample pills Bextra was pulled and no longer available for use. This may have been a different result for me, had I taken the medicine daily . Considering that I did not . There was not any side effects to the medication .”

NY Female (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 23, 2012

For Pain “Worked great for me. Did exactly what Doctor said it would do!”

Anonymous January 6, 2010

For Pain “I have had migraines and irritable bowel syndrome since a child. I have developed curvature of the spine and degenerative discs. Bextra fixed them all. I am now on Percocet since the removal of Bextra. Percocet makes the pain tolerable but never takes the pain away like Bextra did.”

Anonymous August 7, 2009

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “Best drug ever for rheumatoid arthritis. Should not be taken off the market. Not every drug is for every person. Look at Penicillin. Bring it back now!”

Anonymous June 26, 2009

For Osteoarthritis “I took this drug and it helped me a lot. I did have breakouts on my ankles but no other problems. I miss this drug, it sure helped my pain.”

1452 April 13, 2009

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