BLISOVI FE 1.5/30: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “Like many others, I was given Blisovi by my local pharmacy to replace another brand. On Blisovi, I couldn’t stay awake, had no sex drive, my boobs were constantly sore and my head always pounding. I also was starting to get acne on my face and painful boils in my panty-line area. I took my blood pressure at a drug store and it was high. I purchased a BP monitor to keep track of my bp and it averaged 150/82, which is pretty bad. I stopped taking the birth control, began feeling better and all my bad symptoms were gone in a week, bp back to normal. I called my doctor and he ordered me Microgestion at my pharmacy. Never again will I use Blisovi; it was the worst birth control I’ve ever taken.”

FeliciaLT (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 15, 2018

For Birth Control “I’ve been on this birth control for three months now, I’ve noticed the first day of my period I have annoying headaches all day, I’m very moody everything angers me. I also noticed I have a lot of acne when I’ve never had a problem with acne before. My breast are so super sensitive. As for the periods they are light but the cramps still hurt pretty bad, and it worsen at night when I’m trying to sleep, probably going to switch to a new birth control.”

MonsterZombie February 5, 2018

For Birth Control “I’ve gained 14 lbs in under two months since I started this medication. The weight gain increases even with significant diet restrictions that were not necessary prior to taking this medication. I have terrible moods and also I’ve started getting acne that also was not there before this medication. It may be wonderful for some women, but for me, it is terrible.”

Unhappy with Blisovi January 2, 2018

For Birth Control “I am going on three months on this pill. I didn’t take bc for 6 years then got on this one. I have noticed bad headaches when I am suppose to be on my period week as well as some weight gain. I am petite and have noticed my boobs go a whole cup size. I also haven’t really had a period for two months. Just spotting and very light for 2-3 days. not enough to even wear a tampon. I also have noticed bad acne breakouts, I might reconsider this pill.”

Kay89 December 18, 2017

For Birth Control “This is the first birth control I have ever taken due to everyone was telling me how bad it is and all the false thing they tell you ! I had my 4th baby in January of 17, and I started taking BlisoviFe 1.5/30 the first two months was bad cause I had migraines in the middle where my period were supposed to happen and it did it was normal but I never had a headache like that since I was a child.. I said to my husband I’m gonna try next month and see what happens he told me to get off of it cause he could bare me see the way I was but I got used to it. I feel just like I did before .. i have normal period, no headache , no weight gain.. nothing !”

Sissi86 September 28, 2017

For Birth Control “I was switched to this medication after finding out that Gildess FE 1.5/30 had been recalled. I feel so much better on this pill compared to Gildess. I’ve been taking Blisovi for about 8 months and have periods that are light and last 2-4 days. Cramping is more mild compared to not being on birth control while the bloating I have in my lower body before periods is comparable to not taking birth control. I experience slight breast tenderness toward the end of the pill pack and headaches for a couple days when beginning a new pack. All the side effects I have had are mild and easier to deal with than not taking birth control, plus it prevents pregnancy.”

LG2017 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) July 21, 2017

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