BUMETANIDE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Bumex (bumetanide) for Edema: “I got put on Bumex after Lasix stopped working. Bumex is reliable. It works with or without drinking a bunch of water. And the max daily dose is ten 1 mg doses so there is lots of room to increase it for a day if you need to.”

ithinktoomuch (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 1, 2018

For Edema: “Now aged 88 used for nearly ten years gradually increasing from 1mg to higher doses. No side effects. Now using dialysis plus Bumetanide for best control of ankle swelling. Best of course is to start with CardioRetinometry monitoring of vitamin C needs to avoid kidney failure due to blocked arteries. I learned too late after damage had started and an unusually swollen prostate didn´t help.”

Sydney Bush (UK – NHS) (taken for 5 to 10 years) November 12, 2017

For Edema: “This work very well however I think my Doctor at my next appointment will have to increase the dosage a little. I take 1mg in morning and another 1 mg in afternoon. I think an additional .5mg will do the trick because my feet and ankles still swell by mid afternoon. What I like about this medication is that I have a mild allergy to sulfonamides so I can’t take Lasix. Because this drug is fast acting and leaves the system within two hours I have no problem with it. I was taking another but the medication cost $1000. per month and my Prescription Drug Plan would no longer cover it. Apparently Bumetanide is the only other drug out there that will not cause a reaction in me. Thank God.”

WillNier May 29, 2016

For Edema: “I only took them for 3 days because my legs legs went in such funny shapes but I was given these instead of furosemide which any good either but I take such a lot if medication I think one works against the other, but I never see the same doctor twice one gave me forusemide with potassium the next one took the potassium off me. And what can I do. I’m 70 and have taken water tablets for about 25 years and still can’t wear shoes. I have to wear slippers to go out in .”

Sandy Brettle (taken for 10 years or more) December 11, 2015

Bumex (bumetanide) for Edema: “I had whole body swelling, caused by retaining water. I didn’t have ankles, I had cankles, lol. I tried lasix, and 2 weeks later, It was down a little.Ankles still swollen just as much, but hands were going back to normal. Upon going to my check up, my doctor decided to try Bumex 2mg. Within 1 week, I was back to normal. The only problem I had with these pills is they’re large and sometimes get stuck in my throat.”

lincolnlady73 July 1, 2015

Bumex (bumetanide) for Edema: “This pill was miracle one for me. I helps me so much with the retained fluid in my body.”

Anonymous July 16, 2008

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