BUNAVAIL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Opiate Dependence “I have depended on opiates for 16 years. I learned to shoot up my pills after about 2 years of snorting them. I continued this IV use for the last 7 years I used. I was just about totally broke. I lost my home & everything I worked all my life to attain. I was tired of having to worry about getting dope sick. I tired of the constant search for pills or heroin. I was easily using 20 pills a day. I was going through a much as $600 every day. I thought I was too far gone to ever get back & last a normal (ish) life. I thought I’d have to stop breathing to stop using. After a failed suicide attempt, I went to rehab. Today I am 3 days away from 900 days clean. It’s a miracle!”

Belo (taken for 2 to 5 years) August 20, 2017

For Opiate Dependence “I was on 16mg of suboxone for about 3 months before I switched to Bunavail. On Suboxone I just couldn’t maintain a normal life. I had such terrible headaches I relapsed every week. I couldn’t keep switching from the medication to my addiction and I was sick of it all. I thought I was doomed to be an addict. My doctor suggested I switch to Bunavail and started me at 8mgs a day. It was, for me, a life changer. I wasn’t experiencing the terrible headaches and I didn’t keep relapsing. No cravings! Now I’m tapering off, I’m down to around a half mg a day. I don’t think this was even possible for me on Suboxone.”

HBP2017 July 17, 2017

For Opiate Dependence “Went from the regular strips to bunavail and it’s absolute trash it doesn’t dissolve it just turns into a gross gummy substance in my mouth even after waiting over an hour, I am now happily on 16mg of subtex pure buprenorphine tablets no more pesky nalaxone.”

Lonzo2 (taken for less than 1 month) July 15, 2017

For Opiate Dependence “Hardcore I.V heroin/everything user saved by this drug. After 20 yrs of battling opiate/prison/whole bunch of crap, I leaned heavily on bupe. And broke a cycle that puts most people in a box 4 life. From subutex to subox, to bunivail, I moved up the ladder. I give credit to this drug and packing up moving south away from all connects. The drug aided me and opened up an opportunity to be productive. I was tired and 3 yrs later I sit clean, a beast job, chilling out on the beach. I read all the crying about this and that. Without this drug I was dead and to hear all this pampered rubbish about it rolling in your mouth, milligrams tricking you, man or woman – use it to be there for your loved ones.”

Witt187 July 8, 2017

For Opiate Dependence “I would rather deal with the long dissolve time of Bunavail than the horrible taste, shorter effect and headaches you get from Subs (Suboxone orange sublingual strips). In my personal experience, it takes about an hour in my cheek to get the full effect, but not dissolve completely. That effect is an all-day one versus Subs. On the Subs, I’d have to use a little more after a few hours. Plus a pounding headache if I wasn’t careful.On the Bunavail, all of my withdrawal symptoms are gone, I have energy and a great mood. It does the exact same thing as the Subs do, you just have to be patient with the way it’s delivered into your system. Which is apparently something half the people out there aren’t capable of, judging from the comments.”

Tamd o’ The Dark July 3, 2017

For Opiate Dependence “I switched from Suboxone 16mgs to Bunavail 8mgs and I have to say that it hasn’t been a great experience for me. After adhering the Bunavail buccal film to my cheek, they curl up and leave an unpleasant sticky substance all over my mouth. Now, just the sight of the Bunavail packets make me feel like I want to gag. The half dose rule also really feels wrong to me. The first week took a lot of work to get used to. I am getting the Probuphine implant soon and can’t wait until I don’t have to get scripts filled anymore let alone use this cumbersome medication that is Bunavail.”

JameySumm June 20, 2017

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