BUTABARBITAL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Butisol Sodium (butabarbital) for Sedation: “I was prescribed this medication for treatment-resistant insomnia, but I’ve found that it actually works best for relieving anxiety and promoting general relaxation. I have social anxiety especially. I took one before a wedding, and it really helped me be able to interact with others (rather than sit in a corner alone). In terms of the insomnia, Butisol knocks me out a couple of hours earlier than other medications I’ve tried. Also, experiencing no hangover or side effects the day after is a huge bonus”

YahYouBetchaaa August 14, 2017

For Sedation: “I was prescribed this drug for a tension headache which I happened to have during a doctors visit. While waiting at pharmacy (problems with written script which took longer), I was pressing on my temples for minor relief. After obtaining butalbital, I took prescribed dose asap. My home was 5 blocks from pharmacy and as I entered my driveway, I surprisingly noticed decreaced pain. My headache was gone after getting home!”

kata2d (taken for 1 to 6 months) August 27, 2014

For Insomnia: “This is the first medication prescribed for me of all the SSRIs, antipsychotics, AEDs and other designer drugs that did not cause significant adverse reactions or just plain not work. I have a sleep problem complicated by PTSD which causes major adrenaline reactions during the night, the time which my body was programmed in childhood to believe dangerous. Butabarbitol helps me sleep peacefully at night with no hangover in the morning.”

Anonymous April 11, 2011

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