CAFERGOT: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cluster Headaches “I’ve been taking Cafergot / ergotamine for over 25 years and it’s the only med that actually relieves small cluster headaches to full blown migraines. I don’t even want to try another because this works so fast with no side effects. I see where the pharmaceutical companies are trying to take it off the market. Please don’t. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if it were no longer available.”

Hishoney333 (taken for 10 years or more) January 3, 2017

For Migraine “I had severe migraines from age 16 to 65. When taking cafergot, I discovered (after many years) that if you take an antihistamine WITH the cafergot, it then worked for me. What a difference !Having said that, there are so many new drugs now – the one that eliminated the migraine within an hour for me was Zomig. Zomig was like a miracle for me. Easy to take anywhere – place under your tongue – no side effects.”

Cody’s girl (taken for 10 years or more) March 13, 2016

For Cluster Headaches “Takes about 40 minutes to kill a cluster headache for me, and I usually combine it with an energy drink for about ~30 minutes before it works. I also take half a pill whenever a shadow comes just in case. No side effects.”

John_o March 8, 2015

For Cluster Headaches “I usually take Exedrine migraine for my migraines this time it failed. My migraine lasted approx a day and a half looking desperately throughout my medicine cabinet I came across Cafergot which clearly I took at some point it relieved me a whole lot within I’d say about an hour very grateful for the medicine. Still have a slight throbbing pain at the back of my right eye but it has significantly reduced the pain.”

hemz March 7, 2015

For Migraine “This is the only medicine that has ever stopped my migraines. I can’t take the newer medications because they cause my blood pressure to spike. I never had any side effects with Cafergot and it worked.”

j1c2 August 8, 2014

For Migraine “I have suffered from migraines for 35 years and have tried absolutely everything for them. Between my preventatives and abortives, I’ve been on over 75 different medications.. Cafergot is the ONLY medication outside of a Demerol injection at the emergency room that eliminates my migraines–even a level 10. However, I do experience extreme nausea from it–on top of the nausea from my migraine attack. Because of the level of nausea I often will not take it until my migraine is a level 9 or higher.”

clniclark (taken for 2 to 5 years) January 30, 2014

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