CALCITRIOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Rocaltrol (calcitriol) for Hypocalcemia: “I too take Rocaltrol, but the generic form which is Calcitriol. I had thyroid cancer and my parathyroid was messed up during the removal of the thyroid. Without this medication my body would go numb and I would have facial spasms. I will have to take this medication the rest of my life, but I’m thankful I can get it and insurance does pay for it.”

Spatter24 (taken for 10 years or more) August 20, 2017

Rocaltrol (calcitriol) for Hypocalcemia: “As a result of thyroid/parathyroid cancer, I have a hypocalcaemic and hypoparathyroid condition. Therefore I must take rocaltrol to maintain adequate calcium levels and to lower TSH levels to prevent the return of cancer. The supplier to my pharmacy no longer has any rocaltrol in stock , and I am in desperate need. Can you help?”

Shirley Hanshaw, 662-519-3416 (taken for 10 years or more) January 9, 2016

For Hypoparathyroidism: “I have surgically induced Hypoparathyroidism. I was not monitored for many years. By the time I saw my ENT, my vitamin D level was 780. I really thought I was dying. My Dr. said I had been suffering from vitamin D toxicity. She stopped the vitamin D and started me on calcitroil. It is a synthetic vitamin D and absorbs differently then vitamin D. It took a while for the toxicity to get better. I now take my meds differently. Prilosec 7 to 8am. Calcium/magnesium/zinc combo and calcitriol at noon, 5pm heart medicines, 9pm levothyroxine. This has worked so far great for me. Still occasional tetany. Overall better.”

SheriA January 3, 2013

For Hypoparathyroidism: “I’ve been on Rocalcitrol for about 3 years for secondary hypoparathyroidism. After initial tetany, I take 0.24 mcg every other day and about 2000 mg calcium daily. Just found out that I’m not to take calcitrol with magnesium. I take multivitamins around lunch time (calcitriol in the morning). I’m also taking levothyroxine daily, first thing in the morning. My serum calcium is low (7.8-8.3), Vit D is normal. I do, have bony pains and aches, remain very active.”

Anonymous (taken for 2 to 5 years) June 7, 2012

For Hypoparathyroidism: “I have been taking calcitriol for 8 months now. We eventually built it up until I am taking 1.25 mcg a day with 1500 – 2000 mg of calcium. It has worked very well compared to when I started out with only 25 mcg a day. I still have minor tetany problems but nothing and extra dose of calcium once in a while won’t fix. The reason I didn’t give it a 10 is because a lot of other medicines that different doctors gave me completely screwed me up. I see an endocrinologist for my thyroid and hypocalcemia…an ENT prescribed prilosec for reflux which messed me up and I had to stop taking it. My Gyn gave me a drug one dose one time before a uterine biopsy and plummedted my blood calcium levels for over a week…”

Anonymous April 30, 2010

For Hypocalcemia: “I have also been on Calcitriol 0.5 mcg x 2 twice daily in addition to 5400 mg (total) calcium and 756 mg magnesium (total) daily. Still experiencing sever symptoms of hypocalcemia – tingling, chills, muscle spasm, light headedness, etc. Also, had papillary cancer with all thyroid removed – surgeon likely removed all parathyroids as 2 were found in pathology and no parathyroid hormone detected in subsequent lab tests.”

Anonymous November 8, 2009

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