CAMILA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “This birth control was horrible for me. I have NEVER had such a bad experience.. generally I respond just fine to any birth control (and I have been on quite a handful). The only potential factor here is that I am a few months postpartum so it is possible that my body still needs time to regulate, but I have gotten so much breakthrough bleeding on this pill and I really feel like things should be more normal by this point. If you have another option, I highly advise taking any pill other than this one.”

ro (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 6, 2018

For Birth Control “I have high blood pressure, migraines, and my insurance wouldn’t cover an IUD so I was put on this. I do notice my boobs are much more heavy, swollen, and sore when PMSing and the irregular periods are inconvenient and nerve-wracking. However, now that I’ve been on this pill for over a year, they have become a lot more regular (will still randomly show up when it’s not supposed to but maybe only once every few months now rather than all the time – the periods I get are no lighter or heavier than what I’m used to). I had way worse issues with my weight, acne, bloating, sex drive, cramps, etc on other hormonal BC than I do on these. These reviews make it sound like this is the worst BC in the world, but personally, I’m not that bothered by it. It’s worth it to not have migraines and a stroke risk anymore. It’s not a bad option if it’s your only option.”

teebz (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 14, 2018

For Birth Control “The doctor prescribed me this birth control about 20 months ago so it wouldn’t effect my breast milk. Overall, I love this pill! I didn’t start my 1st cycle until my baby was almost 15 months old due to breastfeeding. You must take Camila around the same time every day within a 3 hour period. Now, if I was past that window time by several hours, I did have an actual period between cycles. That has happened to me twice. I take the blame because I was late taking the pill by 9-10 hours each time and that is an actual side effect that I read happens if you end up taken it late. If I take it around the same time each day, I have no issues. My periods are now on an average 3 days a month instead of 4-5 and are much lighter. I have lost 20 lbs since Nov from only dieting. My cramps no longer require me to pop ibuprofen like they are M&Ms and I hardly feel any pain. My sex drive has remained the same but I did notice that I am dryer when I’m intimate. Buy some lube and problem solved 😉 .”

KaylaN January 31, 2018

For Birth Control “I was recently switched to Camila because I have a history of migraines and taken off the Nuva Ring that I was on for over 10 years without any side affects. I have been miserable ever since. After just a week or so on Camila, my face broke out like it’s never before. I have never had issues with acne until now. After a few weeks, I stopped taking Camila because I could not take it anymore. I haven’t taken it in a couple of weeks and my face has still not cleared up. I had read reviews with this complaint, but tried the pill as I had no other option. I regret that decision entirely. On top of the acne, I developed TMJ which the dentist and ENT associated with a hormonal imbalance due to stopping a combo birth control containing estrogen. I am currently not on any birth control until I meet with a Neurologist in hopes to get the ok to resume the NuvaRing again. I wish I could give Camila a zero for rating.”

Amanda C NY January 29, 2018

For Birth Control “I see so many bad reviews on here but I really have enjoyed being on this pill. Only a few negative side effects but they are definitely manageable. My skin got significantly more oily in the first few months, but with the right skincare routine and waiting it out, everything’s settled down. My period has been irregular, I now get my period every 2-3 months. The unpredictability of it is kinda annoying, but not unmanageable. When I do get it, it is still average duration and flow. Give it a chance, and wait at least 6 months for your body to adjust to it.”

Anonymous January 25, 2018

For Birth Control “I’ve always had a long and irregular periods, so the pill did not affect my period at all. The main change was extremely sore breast and slightly worst cramping. But definitely manageable for me. So the absolute worst thing was the depression. I’m exactly a month and and about three weeks ago I started having extremely bad depression. And breakdowns the point I was having super depressing thoughts. Over the past few weeks I kept questioning what the hell was wrong with me. One morning I forgot to take my pill and then I realized holy moly it’s that damn pill. I’m stopping today. I do not recommend this pill for anyone.”

Jana Laiel January 20, 2018

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