CARISOPRODOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Muscle Spasm: “This Med has worked well for me I’m the past but I’ve noticed some times it wouldn’t so I stopped. Got desperate and went back on it. I should add I take it for Fibromyalgia. Recently, I’ve learned that it really matters who the manufacturer is because the active ingredient can vary by 20% and inactive ingredients vary. Drs & pharmacists have told me there is no difference but I’m living it so I know there is. It’s me who suffers when I have a month supply of pills that are garbage because they changed the maker of Med. I’m sure there have been people who have tried a medication and thought it didn’t work but if they had just gotten it from a different manufacturer they could have had some real relief. I’ve found info before on different ones but couldn’t this time around so I’ve been off my Med for 5 days while I scour the Internet for answers. Wish me luck!”

Sick_of_being_Sick (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 4, 2018

Soma (carisoprodol) for Muscle Spasm: “Only thing that works, no problem getting it in California but Missouri is ridiculous. My doctor prescribes it but the pharmacists don’t want to sell it sell it, wonder why? If they had my pain I’m sure they would sell it to themselves.”

Who cares bout me (taken for 10 years or more) February 12, 2018

For Muscle Spasm: “Morons who come here warning “Beware or you’ll OD if you take with benzos” IS WHY WE RELIABLE, zero issue, chronic pain patients CAN’T GET OUR REQUIRED MED DOSAGE! Because you’re an irresponsible idiot, who keeps taking too many drugs repeatedly and OD’ing, don’t give meds a bad rap! Ask someone to please help dispense your meds! I take 3 mgs. xanax, 4-30 mg. oxycodone split every 4 hrs. & 3 Soma daily. (Was on 4 recommended dose & just cut back, thanks to abusers!) Now suffering through the night, as they last just 3 hours! Prescribed buspar for sleep, but it doesn’t equal 1 extra Soma I had. ONLY muscle relaxer that relieves 6 herniated discs, sciatica, osteoarthritis and migraines. I’ve been on meds 30 years with no issues! People like this guy, we can thank for harsher guidelines and our never ending suffering. Unfairly stereotyped due to losers stupidity! So take your warnings elsewhere, before you ruin it for the rest of us old folks who just want to sleep and function pain free until we die!”

Hurtin for certain February 11, 2018

For Muscle Spasm: “I’ve been taking soma for over 40 years for back pain. I’ve had 3 back surgeries. 1st one, the doctor removed part of a ruptured disc. and the 2nd one was an inter-body fusion for the same disc. I have degenerative disc disease. Now my insurance will not cover it. My doctor is appealing this. They did this before and it was accepted but now it was denied. Have not found any thing that works. I was taking 350 mg one 3x a day. Afraid of withdrawal symptoms if I have to go off them.”

BrendaStarr700 (taken for 10 years or more) February 7, 2018

For Muscle Spasm: “I was involved in a head on auto accident 35 years ago (hit by a drunk driver, traveling at a high rate of speed & running a red light). I was prescribed Soma for severe back pain and spasms. I have suffered with severe muscle spasms in my low back since then. I would take two tablets before bedtime, which alleviated the spasms and gave me a great nights sleep with no side effects whatsoever. Upon moving to another state, the physicians refuse to prescribe it. I have tried flexeril. It gives me migraines. Soma got rid of them. The flexeril made my mouth so dry, I could not carry on a conversation beyond a few words. AND it does not work! I can’t endure this pain and no sleep night after night, week after week, month after month. No one cares”

SpasmQueen (taken for 10 years or more) December 20, 2017

For Muscle Spasm: “I have been taking these meds for spasms for years,Surgery on neck last year so I do take other medicines. Now my insurance will not pay for this prescription this year. Trying to find help from the maker so that I can continue to take them. I don’t understand if the doctor is legitimate ( The doc was referred to me by my medical insurance) and you take them as prescribed as well as my other meds. Why are they making it so hard for people that truly need these meds to have some sort of a normal life.I am fed up with pharmacist that think they are doctors and make up their own rules. I had a loaner pharmacist refuse to fill my scripts simply because she did not know my doctor. Same pharmacy for two years.”

1960 anonymous November 20, 2017

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