CATAFLAM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Period Pain “I used it and it worked wonders…… after a few hours of pain. My period cramps are soooo bad..they are horrible they make me vomit and cry and take breaks from uni but it’s the worst pain I ever feel. I have tried all the tablets in the world nothing works so I take a injection to feel better”

Unknown1412 January 8, 2018

For Muscle Pain “I was misled by a person working in the pharmacy I visited and asked if cataflam is an NSAID as I am allergic to these medications. I was shown that it does not say so on the package. One Cataflam taken caused my eyes to itch and swell within 2 hours. It was only then I had the good sense to check online for myself to see that it was.”

Caribbean man October 12, 2017

For Back Pain “I’ve had lower back pain for more than 2 months now, went to see a doctor who explain I have a disk bulge but the pain I have is caused by a muscle spasm that is pushing against a nerve. Gave me some exercises and pain relief meds Nothing really worked then I took cataflam which lets the pain go away for 2-3 days (from one pill)I really don’t know how it works but its the best medicine for backpain I have taken so far. I just hope it doesnt have side effects on the long run”

ShakB October 31, 2016

For Period Pain “My sister used to work for Novartis, a company which produces Caraflam. I remembered the first few months of my period, I didn’t feel painful as how I do now. My other sisters always need to take Caraflam. So when I couldn’t bear the cramps anymore I took it, it started working about an hour later, I didn’t feel painful anymore. Even though my sisters are pharmacists, they always told me that the less medicines I take, the better it would be. So I tried not to use it. It was the worst ever, I took one, it didn’t work well when it reached the max of pain. I threw up and took another one. After an hour, it worked. So if you decide to use Caraflam, take it before it’s painful.”

Hnguyen95 March 19, 2016

For Period Pain “This miracle drug has saved me so many times. I suffer from unbearable abdominal pains from ovulation to period… It’s very effective and goes directly to the source of ANY other pain I suffer. Whoever invented it should be called a hero.!!”

Pat_ventura March 7, 2016

For Ankylosing Spondylitis “Miracle drug.”

Johnny Saxman (taken for 10 years or more) January 2, 2016

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