CERVIDIL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Labor Induction “Laid in bed for 2 days using this and nothing. Wasted those 2 days I could have been out walking to prep naturally than this. The range of effectiveness is ALL over the board. Did they even prepare a trail before marketing?”

Nicky425 April 25, 2017

For Labor Induction “I was 1 cm dilated with soft cervix. Cervidil inserted at 8:30am, after 2 hrs no change. Sent home. At 2:30 started getting contractions quite far apart. At 6am no more contractions. At 6:35am very intense frequent contractions which seemed to come up through the rectum/colon. The contractions became quite aggressive. Epidural started at 7am. The contractions still coming through the colon could still be felt for quite some time and the cervidil was still not removed. I was not dialated enough to deliver until after 3pm. 11 days later I still have colon spasms and tenderness. Extreme pain during bowl movements.”

LinkGirl (taken for less than 1 month) April 10, 2017

For Labor Induction “Caused crazy contractions. Baby’s heart rate plummeted and an emergency cesearean was performed. Do not use this drug, try something different!”

Small woman (taken for less than 1 month) April 15, 2016

For Labor Induction “Started Cervidil around 9pm, around 4am contractions hit and I received my epidural. Everything went smooth son was delivered at 1:29 pm. No issues with this induction!”

Jtk (taken for less than 1 month) February 3, 2013

For Labor Induction “Cervidil may have caused intense contractions during labor…may have also caused excessive fetal movement during labor. After nine hours, physician removed the Cervidil. Heart rate of fetus dropped to unsafe level. A Cesarean Section was performed on patient to save the life of fetus.”

N1K2R3 December 10, 2009

For Labor Induction “May have caused uterine hyperstimulation. Even after removal, contractions continued to come 1 minute apart at 1 cm dilation. Ended with cesarean. Mother required 2 years of physical therapy for complete loss of abdominal control and severe pain during bowel movements.”

consciouswoman February 25, 2008

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