CIPRODEX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Otitis Externa “My daughter just started taking this yesterday and as soon as we used the drops within half an hour she was in more pain then she had been before taking it. I hopped on here and saw so many other people have experienced the same thing. We are going to try them this morning and see if it makes a difference or not. She complained of pain in her ear all the way down the side of her jaw. And the price – oh my goodness. I don’t have coverage and this little bottle cost me $45. I see some people are paying more which is ridiculous considering it seems to be a medication that does not work the best. Will see how we do after the next dose otherwise I’m stopping it and we are going back to the doctor.”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) December 23, 2017

For Otitis Externa “I’ve taken 4 doses of Ciprodex and will need my 5th dose in a few hours. I was prescribed this medicine by a nurse practitioner and told to use it 2x per day (4 drops per dose). My ear canal is still swollen, the pain has a lot gotten worse, and I also have pain in and under my jaw now. I have difficulty eating and I can’t sleep because it feels like someone is stabbing my brain with a knife. I came to this site to find out how long it takes to work. Its not looking hopeful.”

Redzzz December 17, 2017

For Otitis Externa “I’ve been prescribed this antibiotic for my ear infection! My instructions are to use it twice DAILY for “7” days & use 4 drops! You guys, I am on my 7th day & guess what ??? NOTHING ! Like this can’t be true .. this little tube of ear drops costed me $40 just for it NOT to work ! I have headaches , sometimes my neck hurts & on top of that my ear doesn’t feel like it’s getting better ! This has to be the worst I could have gotten !!”

ShonDenise24 December 1, 2017

For Otitis Externa “I had Ear canal inflammation for almost 4 weeks and haven’t touched these drops since the reviews say that it’ll damage your cochlear nerve, hearing loss and Tinnitus.Taking these drops and I’ve seen some improvement. Yeah a little pain there and there and yes… a little Tinnitus there and there but thats cause the medicine is eating the inflammation like Pac-man.It works like a charm. Just don’t overuse it or you’ll get hearing loss and resistance. It works, trust me.”

B-Ry (taken for less than 1 month) September 30, 2017

For Otitis Externa “While this med helped my ear pain and infection heal… the swollen mouth, jaw, tongue, and face were too unbearable I quit the drops after 4 days. My doc advised me there was no way my swelling came from the drops. I insisted on prednisone and then picked up zyrtec, pepcid, and benydryl Those meds, combined with 50 mg of prednisone I’m feeling much better. I’m allergic to penicillin. I’m wondering if my pcn allergy is related to my cipro allergy. I’ll never go back to that doctor.”

Lindsm August 12, 2017

For Otitis Externa “I developed an outer ear infection after a month of daily swimming. I was in a lot of pain and went to the doctors which prescribed these drops. With insurance it still cost me $60 out of pocket. Which I would have been more than happy to pay if it had helped relieved the pain. However, my pain is worse now. The drops have only made the pain 10x worse. I’m now on day 4th and have decided to stop using them going back to the doctors for an alternative. I’m really bummed out as we leave on vacation this Sunday and the pain is unbearable.”

M.Kerbs (taken for less than 1 month) July 28, 2017

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