CLARAVIS: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Acne “45yo male on Claravis for 6 weeks so far. Face is completely cleared up from severe cystic acne suffered the last 5 years. Took minocycline for 3 years then started having severe side effects. Claravis has been a life saver! Side effects for me so far have been dried cracked lips and dry skin from the neck up.”

lehmanbt (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 3, 2018

For Acne “I’ve been taking claravis for 3 months and have had significant improvement in my adult cystic acne. I was VERY worried about side effects. I definitely have dry, chapped lips and my cholesterol has gone up. My skin/hair isn’t dry, but, I normally have very greasy skin/hair. My olive skin wasn’t that sun sensitive, I still took precautions at the beach (sunblock, hats, umbrellas). Per my DR: Supplements (including protein powder) & OTC drugs that are processed by your liver/kidneys are to be avoided. My DR told me to check with them before taking other medication. Side effects are real but very manageable. This drug really works! Stay hydrated, moisturize, and carry aquaphor for chapped lips!”

Britt1209 September 21, 2017

For Acne “Best experience ever. Is this how the normal population lives? For the first time in my life my skin isn’t greasy and my hair isn’t oily. I would have to wash my hair everyday and it was always frizzy. I wash my hair once a week now and I don’t even bother wearing makeup. I will be so sad to return to my old greasy self. I take 30mg 2x a day. I was religious about everything for the first 2 months until I went a little crazy. It was summer and I was miserable with the sun rash and being itchy. After that I would cut back to 1 a day when it got too itchy and too dry. I would love to take 2 pills a week forever!”

Rebezim (taken for 1 to 6 months) September 13, 2017

For Acne “I have been on Claravis 20mg for 5 months. The flare up been so bad, my severe acne has never been so bad. For 5 months, I cry every time I look at my face in a mirror. I am depressed. I don’t know if I should stop the treatment.”

Monfie (taken for 1 to 6 months) August 7, 2017

For Acne “I’m a 20 year old with severe acne on my face. I took 40 mg for the first two months and am currently on 60 mg. I am on my third month and am starting to see great results. Some of the side effects that I’ve had are very dry skin near my mouth and nose, chapped lips (especially on the corners), and sore shoulders.(All of which I’ve found relief for, thankfully. Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion for my skin, Vaseline for my lips, and the occasional Advil for when I am sore).I still have a few cysts on my jaw and lower cheek but they are slowly disappearing. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring from years of severe acne but I am hopeful.This medication is very expensive but I really feel like it has been worth it.”

eridiium (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 23, 2017

For Acne “Before I say anything about this medication I want to state it is a very expensive process. I knew this is where I would end up but my dermatologist literally had to try every other option first, none but one worked yet the side effects were so bad I had to stop. I am the person who always get the side effects that people rarely get, that is another reason I am writing this review. I have the dry lips like everyone else, I’m using all the stuff my dermatologist told me to use but they still crack a lot & bleed.. not the worst since my skin is clearing up. Worse part is I get migraines & this seems to make them worse with visuals. I hate to read all the reviews on here saying acne comes back, I will be sure to come back & review how I end up”

SomeoneElseFl (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 28, 2017

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