CLINDESSE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Bacterial Vaginitis “I was prescribed this cream after already taking oral medications that failed to work because I have had a gastric bypass and the pills were not absorbed by my body enough to get rid of my b.v. I put it in at night and felt 70% better in the morning when I woke up.”

Beccaj77 August 25, 2017

For Bacterial Vaginitis “This got rid of my BV for almost a year. I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s suffering from BV that keeps coming back even after pills and other gels”

Free2011 March 23, 2017

For Bacterial Vaginitis “This med. was prescribed to me 3months ago for vaginal “Ecoli” I did not have any symptoms at all of b.v. or “Ecoli” until I used it! I have had a extreme issues! A Shingles out break the days after using it, burning, itching, swelling, oral and vaginal yeast infection. My immune system has been severely low and I can not seem to get better. This med. Ruined my life! I went to the doc. feeling normal, but after using clindesse I feel like I have Aids! I was tested last year and I was negative, so now 3months later and my body is all messed up. Worse med. I have ever taken!”

Anonymous January 19, 2017

For Bacterial Vaginitis “Easy to use but gave me a horrendous yeast infection. Would rather have taken flagyl”

Not impressed July 20, 2016

For Bacterial Vaginitis “I would def recommend this product I don’t always believe reviews . When reading the reviews I lost hope that it would work for me . I’ve had these symptoms for the last 5 years or more and nothing ever works it comes right back . I take pills smell comes right back . I took this insert on Sunday . Today is Tuesday absolutely no smell I know it’s early but I’ve been at work all day no discharge so sweat no fishy odor I am so happy I hope this is the end to my Bv nightmare”

Blue 24 (taken for less than 1 month) July 19, 2016

For Bacterial Vaginitis “I had a very pungent odor and was diagnosed with BV. I was a little skeptical about clindesse because oral clindamycin and me do not agree. However, I inserted the clindesse before bed and the next day the odor was not existent. I haven’t had any side effects so I’m a fan or this product. If you don’t have insurance, it can be a bit pricey. So just go online and print or download the coupon card.”

Laurannmill April 16, 2016

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