CYCLESSA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I have never reviewed a medication online but I would like to warn others about this medication. I have taken several different birth control pills due to the fact I am so sensitive to synthetic hormones. My doctor prescribed me to cyclessa to see how my body would react to the hormones in this medication. Let me tell you do not waste your sanity or money on taking this!!! Out of all of the pills I have taken this BY FAR has been the most awful experience. I experienced the worst anxiety and depression of my life. I got to the point where I wouldn’t even answer the phone if my friends or family called me. I was crying and extremely emotional over everything. Sex drive=RIP, dead. I also became extremely mean to my fiancé for no reason.”

Shelley4556 May 4, 2016

For Birth Control “I have taken this birth control for several years. The first side effects I had was just some bloating in the first week. Then I started to get really bad migraines. My doctor said I could skip it and go into the next pack. I did that for 3 packs and now I have had spotting off and on for 2 months and my face has broken out and I got another migraine. I didn’t gain weight on this pill and it did lighten my periods and cramping which used to be unbearable. It also didn’t help my acne and I get super irritable right before my off week. I am switching pills. The migraines are just too much.”

Anonymous October 5, 2011

For Birth Control “I was on Cyclessa for three years. At first it was great, it took care of my cramping that I had week before my period. The bad news is I was very moody, no sex drive, and had a vaginal itch. I switched to Beyaz and it all stopped and life is great.”

Anonymous June 16, 2011

For Birth Control “Cyclessa had all the negative side effects that it lists. I was irritable, irrational and depressed to the point of suicidal thoughts. I gained 15 pounds on the drug in less than a month. It didn’t help at all with my terrible cramps. However, I’m not pregnant, but I don’t know if that had to do with it killing my sex drive.”

Anonymous May 30, 2011

For Birth Control “This is my third month using Cyclessa and I’m very happy with it. I used to have periods that lasted a week to a week and a half and more than once a month. Now my periods start on maybe a Thursday or Friday and it ends that Sunday. Before, my periods were real heavy, like unbearable and now I hardly know they’re there. I don’t know about the acne part, I haven’t noticed a bad or good change, it’s pretty much the same. Also, I’m not pregnant so this is good.Cyclessa seems like a pretty reliable pill so far, I would recommend it.”

Anonymous March 29, 2011

For Birth Control “This was the first birth control pill I was given, almost 5 years ago, and I like it. First of all, I haven’t gotten pregnant, so it does what it’s supposed to do, and it also keeps my periods short, pain free, and extremely on time. Haven’t noticed any negative side effects aside from mild breast tenderness on the third week of my cycle.”

Anonymous August 20, 2009

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