CYTOXAN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Multiple Myeloma “So far so good. Being careful and isolated is important while preparing for bone marrow transplant (BMT). Wear hepa filter mask when outside. Rest and drink 100oz.of water per day. Caretaker is the most important person that can help you get thru this. My wife is my CT. I have experienced joint pain, fatigue and some sweating at night. Like I said so far so good. My first chemo was Valcade and Revlimed and dexamethasone. Has been going on for 8 months so far.”

Dr.MOG (taken for less than 1 month) July 6, 2017

For Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia “Full blown blast crisis. Had extreme joint and bone pain felt like sunburn while having your skin smacked and twisted. Went to ER got diagnosed with leukemia got bone marrow test to confirm. Needed afforesis immediately took four days. Then needed transfusions then chemo which included cytoxin. Great medicine got my counts down quick so remission came quick. But because I was ph also it took other expensive and research study trials to help me. But once I was in remission they used high doses of Cytoxin with radiation and others to get me into complete remission. Then stem transplant.”

jj mn (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 18, 2014

For Multiple Sclerosis “My experience with Cytoxan was very good. Prior to starting this treatment I was having difficulty with most activities, including walking, writing and even dressing. After a few treatments I was performing these and many other activities quite well. I continued with the treatments for over 3 years (with 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks). Now I am having tysabri treatments every 4 weeks with good success.”

Anonymous March 16, 2012

For Wegener’s Granulomatosis “I took Cytoxan through an i.v and it knocked my Wegener’s in remission. I am having a flare up and will begin the Cytoxan orally tomorrow. I am praying that it has the same effect.”

Anonymous May 9, 2011

For Brain Tumor “Used as part of my brain tumor treatment …so far it looks okay.”

Anonymous January 30, 2011

For Multiple Sclerosis “After taking injectable disease modifying therapies for Multiple Sclerosis for years and doing well, I started having more symptoms and progressing. For the past 7 months, I have been taking Cytuxan 1000mg IV every 1-2 weeks and doing quite well. Very well tolerated. Has cut symptom severity better than any other medicine to date. Far fewer side effects than steroids.”

Anonymous February 28, 2010

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