D.H.E. 45: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cluster Headaches “For me with Chronic Cluster Migraines the Dihydroergotamine injections eliminates the migraine within 30 minutes and is best. I also use cold neck pack, keep in the freezer, and Oxygen, I have an oxygen generator set at 6 ml. I used to use Migranal, similar side. Migranal is not covered by Medicare/AARP United Healthcare ($500 retail each),but DHE45 is. Preferred plan appears to have best benefits but still expensive. Instead of 1 ml dose, I cut back to .35 ml and get 3 shots from each ampule, still works great for me. I fill 3 needles and keep available. DHE not available due to manuf shortage (Valient) until Jan, 2017 and they are only supplier. Waiting 2 months will be difficult so I have to ration.”

Pwrnapper (taken for 5 to 10 years) October 29, 2016

For Cluster Headaches “Excellent. It worked to break the cycle without many side effects”

Kensi February 11, 2016

For Cluster Headaches “Rough side effect profile (nausea, leg cramping, and the injections burn). Have used every day for a couple weeks to shut down a bad cluster. Worked pretty good.”

Clusterhead (taken for less than 1 month) August 10, 2014

For Migraine “I have had migraines for 30 years. In the last year and a half they went from 15 day/month to practically every day. Triptans do not work as an abortive for me. Propananol is the only preventative thus far that has worked – but it stopped working after 4 weeks. My neurologist prescribed DHE in the injectible form. I do not like the little glass vials the DHE comes in, breaking them open, and using the syringe. That said, almost every time I use it, it breaks the migraine. Unfortunately, it does not always last more than 4-6 hours. I can get this at my local CVS (though they don’t carry it in stock). I don’t notice any side-effects but I generally take a nap afterward to let it do it’s thing.”

Susan G. October 23, 2012

For Migraine “I’ve been experiencing migraines for over 30 years. I started injecting DHE 9 days ago and haven’t had a single migraine. This hasn’t happened since I started getting migraines and I’ve been on many medications including Botox. I don’t expect to never get another migraine but I’m enjoying this time while it lasts. I do believe that the DHE will control my migraines and keep them to a minimum which has never been done before. I normally average 25 migraines a month. If DHE can reduce my migraines to once a week, I’ll be thrilled.”

Honey17 January 27, 2012

For Migraine “I had several days of DHE IV’s, a good try of migraines. A few weeks of injectable DHE and it didn’t do a thing for me. I wish it worked for my constant headache. I heard a lot of good things about it.”

Anonymous September 9, 2011

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