DAYTRANA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For ADHD “When my son couldn’t swallow, the patch was the perfect alternative for his ADD. He never did have the hyperactivity. We used it for years but he developed a nasty allergic skin reaction to it and we had to stop using it. We miss the ease of it and the simplicity of the 8am-6pm use of it. By bedtime he was ready to sleep. With Concerta he has to take Benadryl to help him sleep. If only they could have fixed that problem”

Mumreese (taken for 2 to 5 years) September 5, 2017

For ADHD “I was trying to fall asleep for 20 minutes then I said ohh crap I forgot to take it off. So now I will be awake for 3 more hours. It is very bad if you are a busy person like me. Uggg so tired but can’t sleep.”

To tired to make name Bla bla June 30, 2017

For ADHD “Tips for taking off the patch: use oil (we use skin so soft, but any oil will work) to rub into the skin around the edges of the patch and let it sit for a little bit… maybe about 20 – 30 seconds… pull it gently while continuing to rub oil into the edges a little at a time, repeat. The oil dissolves the “glue” and also helps remove the sticky residue that shows up a day later, easier to just wipe off after being sprayed with a mist of oil than scrubbed off with soap and water. Breakfast is all ready to eat when she wakes up- sometimes I make a high calorie, high nutrient smoothie and give it to her while she’s still in bed, put the patch on at the same time, let her snooze for 20 more minutes; PM gets high cal/high nutrient snack”

Anonymous April 11, 2017

For ADHD “First, any doctor that would prescribe 30 milligram patch for a 4 year old should have his/her license removed. My son who is 7 has never done better in school or socially until we started the patch in 1/17. It may not be for every child but it has changed our lives and I don’t say that lightly. If your insurance doesn’t cover Daytrana, you can use Good RX for better pricing as well as the manufacturer’s coupon.”

Cory Leigh (taken for 1 to 6 months) April 9, 2017

For ADHD “My daughter has tried almost every ADHD drug there is. She is a junior in high school and has a very busy schedule. Daytrana is the only way she is able to get her homework done. She takes the patch off an hour before she is done and off to sleep she goes. This is the only medication that does not have harsh side effect for her. I hate that I have to drive all over town to find a pharmacy that has it in stock. I sure hope this shortage ends soon!”

Catherine Marie March 28, 2017

For ADHD “I was diagnosed with ADD in elementary school. I have taken 3 different kinds of ADD medication and Daytrana has worked the best BY FAR! Strattera made me feel weird as a child. Adderall was terrible for me! I was mean and agitated easily, got headaches a lot, just an all around bad experience for me. I had taken Daytrana in high school and liked it, so when I went home for Christmas break from my first semester at college and told my mom I wanted back on medication I quit taking adderal, but NEEDED something bad! I went back on Daytrana have been on it for a year and half now and I made the Athletic Presidential Honour Roll for my conference! Daytrana= miracle and a yes, for all ADD people!”

dcsmith123 February 24, 2017

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