DECADRON: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Addison’s Disease “Longer acting steroid option.Gained weight and anxiety.”

jennstokes (taken for 1 to 2 years) August 6, 2017

For Inflammatory Conditions “I have MS and bad back some times I had save this for a time that the doctor wasn’t helping out enough. My left leg started to hurt from butt to my angle . Was taking hydrocodacetam. Eating 3 at a time ,wasn’t doing enough . Started taking decadron pain level drop a lot but you need to make sure that your eating food with them . Had no side affects! Wish I had more ! Going to ask Doctor .”

Ms kid May 1, 2017

For Inflammatory Conditions “Never take this drug. I am a healthy individual that had a bad experience with this drug. I Received one shot because I had the flu. 1 week later I had burning pains running all through my body. They gave me a shot in my butt and its still sore 2 sweeks later. I had trouble sleeping, couldn’t breath at night and thought I was going crazy. My resting heart rate went from 49-58 beats a minute. I don’t know what this drug does to the body but its not good. You have mood swings from anger, confusion, weakness, coordination etc….. Please ask the doctor what they are giving you before they inject you. It could do more harm than good later.”

Jason Jones (taken for less than 1 month) March 25, 2016

For Inflammatory Conditions “I have degenerative discs. I was given injections of Decadron near the area. Within a week I almost went crazy!! Felt like I was running for my life all the time. The doctors have no clue what this does to your brain, nor how to reverse its affects.Do not take this.”

jb-1983 November 23, 2015

For Inflammatory Conditions “I was given this for a migraine, via iv . Instantly starting between my legs and moving out through my body I felt like my entire body was set on fire. I had difficulty breathing and was screaming and sobbing. Needless to say none of which helped the severe migraine that had landed me in the Er. Two days later my vaginal tissue still feels inflamed.I won’t be taking this one again.”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) August 18, 2015

For Croup “When my son has difficulty breathing from stridor associated with croup, this drug works wonders. He starts to feel relief immediately and doesn’t get these symptoms for a couple of months afterwards.”

Anonymous June 4, 2015

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