DELSYM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cough “Might as well take tap water for your cough. Delsym 12 hour did nothing except drain my pocketbook.”

Ripped Off (taken for less than 1 month) March 12, 2018

For Cough “First time I used delsym was last night The first dose didn’t do anything to me. After taking the second dose at 11:30 pm I went to bed praying for the cough to go way About 4 am I woke up with a big pain in my chest. Scared to death I was getting ready to call 911 When I thought to read some reviews of delsym Here you go — delsym was the reason The pain was there for 3 hours – my biggest nightmare ! I’ll never ever take this medication again”

Mira March 11, 2018

For Cough “After I felt the early symptoms of a sore throat and cough, I picked up some Delsym Cold and Cough Nightime since I had used the Delsym orange cough relief medicine before with some success. This formula was definitely a mistake. I took the first dose yesterday afternoon, and by yesterday evening I had loose stools and vomiting, but my first thought was maybe a virus on top of the cold…took the second dose in the early morning of today after coughing uncontrollably all night. Again I was vomiting and still coughing. After the third dose and the same result this afternoon, I decided to do a little research and found these reviews. So glad I did. Never again!!”

Leighbee (taken for less than 1 month) February 24, 2018

For Cough “DO NOT take Delsym with alcohol. No where on the box does it say that! I had wine with dinner and later took the prescribed dosage of Delsym because I had a cough that was preventing me from sleeping. The next thing I knew was waking up on the kitchen floor with ambulance personnel in my house! I hit my head on the floor which caused a brain bleed. I had to be air lifted to a regional hospital and put in the ICU. Luckily the bleed stopped and they didn’t have to crack my head open to do brain surgery! Recovery was a nightmare with months of headache, dizziness, and zero energy. I still have residual effects a year later. They did a lot of tests in the hospital to figure out what caused me to faint, but all of them showed no problems so it had to have been the Delsym. I don’t know for sure of course that the combination of wine with Delsym caused me to pass out. It could have been just the Delsym, but I want to warn people. This stuff is dangerous!!!”

Brain Damage (taken for less than 1 month) February 15, 2018

For Cough “I bought this for a dry nagging cough. It worked great for the cough. I took the 12 hour version. I did however stay up for several hours with a rapid heart beat and nausea. It’s been 16 hours and I still feel shaky and a bit loopy from the medication.”

sensitive to meds (taken for less than 1 month) February 13, 2018

For Cough “I used this because I had a terrible cough so I took it before bed. I was up all night nauseous and feeling terrible. Then I threw up from this medicine I don’t recommend this it shouldn’t be sold if all it’s going to do is make you throw up.”

Chloelove973 February 12, 2018

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